Where Shadows Dance
In life's labyrinth, where shadows dance,
A tapestry of dreams and fears we trace.
Through trials and triumphs, where hope takes flight,
A symphony of moments, day and night.

Do unto others, a timeless rule,
With kindness and compassion, our spirits unfurl.
Through valleys of sorrow, where tears may fall,
A beacon of empathy, answering the call.

All the way, with hearts ablaze,
We journey through life's intricate maze.
Through windswept landscapes, where eagles soar,
A symphony of courage, evermore.

Slowly, we wander, where wisdom resides,
In the quiet corners, where truth presides.
Through fields of emerald, where wildflowers bloom,
A symphony of beauty, ever new.

Blue moon, a celestial guide,
Through stardust and silence, our spirits confide.
In the hush of the twilight, where dreams take flight,
A symphony of solace, shining ever bright.

Bob, the troubadour, with his guitar's refrain,
A lyrical maestro, weaving a magic chain.
Through verses and choruses, his voice takes flight,
A symphony of passion, painting the night.

Covenant Woman, with eyes so deep,
A love so profound, that souls do keep.
In the depths of her gaze, a timeless dream,
A symphony of passion, forever to gleam.

Hero Blues, a haunting refrain,
Of struggles and triumphs, the human domain.
Through trials and triumphs, we rise and we fall,
A symphony of resilience, answering the primal call.

High Water, the river's might,
Eros and Thanatos, locked in eternal fight.
Through storms and tempests, we navigate the way,
A symphony of strength, guiding our days.

The Road Highlands, where journeys begin,
With maps and compasses, our destinies spin.
Through mountains and valleys, we tread with care,
A symphony of exploration, charting destinies fair.

American Boy, with dreams of flight,
Soaring above the clouds, bathed in eternal light.
Through trials and tribulations, we strive to achieve,
A symphony of aspiration, reaching for the stars that believe.

All the while, love's gentle touch,
A soothing balm, healing every such.
Through heartaches and disappointments, we find our way,
A symphony of resilience, overcoming every fray.

Stop Crying Baby, let tears subside,
Embrace the joy that within you hides.
In laughter and sunshine, our spirits will mend,
A symphony of hope, that forever will transcend.

Final Theme of the Night, a somber refrain,
Of dreams and memories, fading like rain.
As starlight fades and darkness descends,
A symphony of remembrance, where souls are friends.

Here Comes Santa Claus, the jolly old soul,
With gifts and laughter, spreading festive stoles.
Through chimneys and windows, he makes his way,
A symphony of cheer, brightening up every day.

Too Far from Shore, the ocean so vast,
With ships and sailors, facing trials unsurpassed.
Through storms and tempests, they bravely navigate,
A symphony of courage, through every state.

Time Bound to Lose, the sands of the hour,
Swiftly passing, leaving us in a flower.
But moments we cherish, forever we'll hold,
A symphony of moments, that forever unfold.

Love with You, a melody sweet,
In whispers and glances, our hearts complete.
Through stolen moments, our souls ignite,
A symphony of passion, burning with light.

10,000 Miles on Me Tonight, the distance we roam,
Through cities and landscapes, our spirits we'll hone.
With every mile traveled, we grow and we learn,
A symphony of experiences, forever to discern.

Don't Crossing the Rubicon, a fateful choice,
Where destiny leads, with unwavering voice.
Through crossroads and challenges, we find our way,
A symphony of determination, illuminating the day.

Cry Nothin' Beyond the Horizon of Stones,
Where sorrows reside, and burdens are shown.
In the depths of our hearts, we find solace and grace,
A symphony of resilience, that time will embrace.

That You Widow? That You Window? The questions we ask,
As we journey through life, with love as our task.
Through relationships tested, we learn and we grow,
A symphony of understanding, where hearts interflow.

Can't Escape from Believe in You, the strength we possess,
To overcome darkness, and find inner success.
Through doubts and uncertainties, we find our way,
A symphony of faith, that will never pass away.
South of Wättern.se
South of Wättern.se

part of VersEon ~ created & photos & © by: bARdisT LennArrrt

this Poem also incl. in the 13th of April 2024 happening …

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