… when the world is dark

Clean Anytime, when the world is dark, And shadows fill the air, with their stark. I'll Be Home, in your embrace, Where love and warmth, will find their place.

All Over You, with a passion so strong, Our hearts will intertwine, in a song. Early Mornin' Rain, will wash away, The tears of sorrow, that cloud our day.

Early I Contain Multitudes, of hopes and dreams, That will guide us onward, to distant streams. I Can't Come in with Henry, the door is locked, But the key to our hearts, will never be knocked.

Wind Cat's in the The Basement Tapes, a secret kept, A melody of love, that will never be swept. You Was Young, with your heart so pure, A love so true, that will forever endure.

All Or Nothing, in this game of life, We'll take the risks, for love's sweet strife. You Dress it Cove, with your love so true, In the depths of my heart, where I'll always be true.

At of Down by the Theft, of stolen time, We'll reclaim our moments, in a world of rhyme. Dark As A Morning, with clouds of despair, But through the darkness, our love will flare.

Autumn Leaves Baby, falling from the trees, A reminder that change, is what life decrees. I Threw It All, away for you, And in return, I found, a love so true.

Fall A Satisfied Mind, with a smile so bright, Knowing that our love, will shine ever so bright. Cut Kid Clothes Line Farewell, to all that's past, We'll embrace the future, in our hearts.

Farewell Angelina, with your song so clear, Your melody will echo, oh so dear. It's Hell Dream, a nightmare so deep, But through the darkness, our love will sleep.

Honey, Just the Hand, that holds mine true, A love so precious, it's just for you. Yours Endless Disease of Conceit, will fade away, As love and compassion, will light the way.

Father with Me, in this journey of life, Together we'll face, every strife. New Hollis Brown Band of Ocean Emotionally, with a passion so strong, Their music will resonate, in the depths of our song.

... some light in the darkness ...
... some light in the darkness ...

a sprout from Where Shadows Reside, a part of VersEon

created & photos & © by: bARdisT LennArrrt

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