TUNA: The Ultimate New Airdrop

Now that Airdrop 1 is available for Overlay OGs on airdrop.overlay.market, it’s time to reveal an even bigger airdrop: Overlay Airdrop 2 aka. The Ultimate New Airdrop “TUNA”.😼

You need to smell exotic to trade exotic. If you think you’ve got what it takes, join TUNA by Overlay today and seize the opportunity to earn Purrrps Points ahead of our mainnet launch and the IDO of the OV token. Dive in for more details 👇

Purrps Points are earned by trading our test token OVL on Overlay. To claim OVL, go to our Discord and claim OVL tokens through the faucet in #claim-ovl channel. Please note: the faucet gives both OVL and Ethereum for gas on Arbitrum Sepolia testnet!

You can claim OVL token only once, so be smart - don’t blindly go all-in on trades, don't lose them all in the first five minutes of trading. To maximize the amount of catnip at the end, trade smartly and try to increase your OVL stack as much as possible throughout the duration of the competition.

The amount of purrps points you get depends on your actions - trading often and trading well will be rewarded, trying to game the system and wash trade will not. Purrps points will be distributed every Wednesday, so keep an eye on the leaderboard to see how many points you earned and your rank on the leaderboard.

TUNA campaign will run for at least 4 weeks, so make sure you get some trades in. 1.5% of total OV token supply is reserved for TUNA, so smart traders will have plenty of tokens to earn.

And just one last time, to participate in TUNA campaign, do the following:

Good luck. Have fun. Stay exotic.

⚠️ Beware of Scammers ⚠️

  • Neither the Overlay nor Polkastarter team members or admins will DM you with offers or information not presented in official channels.

  • $OV is NOT yet available at this time. Please be on guard for scammers.

  • Please use the links below for all official information pertaining to sale of the $OV token.


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