Unveiling the Overlay ($OV) Tokenomics

We announced the upcoming public IDO of the $OV token, the native settlement currency, and governance token for the Overlay Protocol last month.

The TGE will exclusively occur on the leading crypto fundraising platform, Polkastarter.

Now, it's time to unveil the Overlay tokenomics. We're once again thankful to our wonderful community and the PlanckCatDAO crew for their overwhelming support from the very beginning.

$OV is more than just currency; it's your key to the world of exotic trading. With $OV, you take positions on unique data streams, from traditional markets to the unconventional niches only Overlay offers.

We've done our best to ensure satisfaction with the tokenomics of this significant key, $OV – catering to early users, upcoming users, and everyone alike.

Token Breakdown - Initial Supply: 800,000,000 $OV

OV release schedule
OV release schedule

Investors (30.83%): Accounting 246,640,000 $OV, investors undergo a 12-month lock, followed by linear distribution over the subsequent 12 months.

Team (14.13%): Exactly 113,040,000 $OV is reserved for the team, this constitutes and features a 12-month lock, followed by linear distribution over the subsequent 12 months.

Advisors (0.87%): Allocating 6,960,000 $OV, advisors face a 6-month lock, followed by linear distribution over the next 6 months.

Marketing (0.12%): With 960,000 $OV reserved for marketing, there's a 6-month cliff to stimulate sustained promotional efforts, aligning incentives for success.

KOLs (1.025%): Total 8,200,000 $OV, this distribution includes 10% on TGE, followed by increments after 30, 120, and 210 days.

Market Makers (3.125%): For achieving deep liquidity, 25,000,000 $OV is allocated for MMs.

Community Growth (18.81%): Representing 150,480,000 $OV, this allocation initiates with 6.9% at TGE, with a linear release over the next two years.

Foundation Reserve (25.775%): The cornerstone of long-term stability, this segment comprises 206,200,000 $OV with 5% available at TGE, followed by a linear release over the next four years.

⬜IDO (3.125%): For the Initial DEX Offering, 25,000,000 $OV is allocated, with a unique distribution of 25% on TGE and the remaining unlocks 25% per month.

🪂 [REDACTED] 1 and 2 (2.19%): Together, these make up 17,520,000 $OV, with 1st one having a 25% initial release and the rest over three months (0.69%), while 2nd one awaits further details for its distribution plan (1.5%). An announcement will follow!😼

Token Distribution
Token Distribution
Usage of funds raised
Usage of funds raised

⚠️ Beware of Scammers ⚠️

  • Neither the Overlay nor Polkastarter team members or admins will DM you with offers or information not presented in official channels.

  • $OV is NOT yet available at this time. Please be on guard for scammers.

  • Please use the links below for all official information pertaining to sale of the $OV token.

Website, Twitter, Telegram, Mirror, Docs, Discord.

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