Introduction of Suiswap OG & Suiswap Point

1 What is Suiswap Point

The Suiswap Point is created to measure the contribution of the community members in the Suiswap community before the Suiswap mainnet launch.

1.1 How Suiswap Point Works

Suiswap will airdrop governance tokens as rewards to the community members who have helped or contributed to the building of Suiswap ecosystems. Thus, the Suiswap community point is created to measure the contribution of the Suiswap community before the launch of the Suiswap mainnet.

The Suiswap team hopes to airdrop a fixed portion (at least 2% of the total supply) of Suiswap Token through the TGE after the Suiswap mainnet launch. We would like to fairly distribute our tokens by measuring the Suiswap Points that each community member owns. For example, say a member who owns 2000 points will receive twice as much as the member who owns 1000 points.

1.2 How to Obtain Suiswap Point

The original intention of designing Suiswap points is to motivate the Suiswap community users to participate more in Suiswap activities and help Suiswap become a better community. Community members can obtain Suiswap points in the following ways:

  • Participate in activities organized by Suiswap to obtain Suiswap Point.

  • Become one of the Suiswap Discord unique roles, such as OG, OG Gold, and OG Platinum.

  • Speak and get involved in the Discord community.

  • Complete Crew3 tasks in exchange for Suiswap Point (TODO).

  • Collect the Suiswap Galxe OAT token in exchange for Suiswap Point (TODO).

2 What is Suiswap OG

Suiswap OG is a unique role in the Suiswap community. There are currently four Suiswap OG roles:

  • Suiswap OG: Suiswap OG is the most common OG character in the Suiswap community. Community members can get the Suiswap OG role by participating in regular events.

  • Suiswap OG Booster: Suiswap OG booster is a unique Suiswap role that members could earn by boosting the Suiswap discord server.

  • Suiswap OG Gold: Community members can get a more special Suiswap OG role by participating in special events or contributing to the Suiswap ecosystem building.

  • Suiswap OG Platinum: Only a few members could get Suiswap OG platinum, meaning that they have made a significant contribution to the building of the community.

3 The Relationship Between Suiswap Point and Suiswap OG

During the Suiswap governance token airdrop event, Suiswap OG will be converted to the corresponding Suiswap Point and used as the contribution proof during the airdrop event. The exchange rules are demonstrated as follows:

  • Suiswap OG: 2000 Suiswap Points

  • Suiswap OG Booster: 4000 Suiswap Points

  • Suiswap OG Gold: 10000 Suiswap Points

  • Suiswap OG Platinum: 6000 Suiswap Points

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