Praxis Raises $4.2mm Seed Round Led by Bedrock

Praxis is a movement of optimistic pioneers building a new city. We raised $4.2 million dollars, led by Bedrock. Geoff Lewis has joined our Board of Directors. Additional participation in the round includes Fred Ehrsam, Balaji Srinivasan, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss through Winklevoss Capital, Day One Ventures, Uncommon Capital, NOMO, Sofreh Capital (the Pishevar Family Office), Joe Lonsdale, Richard Craib, Riva Tez, and many other great friends and supporters (more below).

We will use this capital to accelerate community growth and to push forward on government outreach and greenfield site selection.

I’d like to share a bit about why we are building Praxis. We are a group of builders who want to build. Unfortunately, because of poor regulations and an increasingly divisive geopolitical climate, it’s becoming harder and harder to do this on Earth. Elon Musk is trying to exit to Mars. Mark Zuckerberg is trying to exit into the Metaverse. While we believe in and support their exploration, we still think there is hope here on Earth.

Our movement is a collection of individuals who share the same values and optimism for creating a place to live where creativity, innovation, and the human spirit can thrive; an environment that captures and fosters the ideals of the United States’ Founding Fathers. Crypto is the inheritor and torchbearer of these ideals. It was founded as a political technology, and for the same reason as America: Liberation.

Until very recently, people moved to cities for jobs. With the advent of new technologies and changes to traditional working models, habits started shifting. New work models appeared on the horizon, allowing pioneers to work flexibly from wherever. In 2020, Covid catalyzed and accelerated the trend of remote work in an unimaginable way. Now many people can work from their laptops from anywhere. Is this the end of cities? No. People still want to organize around shared values and community, as they have for thousands of years. But they can do so wherever they feel home — and home is where they find their community.

Simultaneously, the rise of crypto creates an unprecedented opportunity to use tokens as a social coordination mechanism. Using tokens, we can coordinate as a community to build new cities which represent trillions of dollars of real assets. NYC land is worth >$2T. More on this soon.

Praxis is a values-aligned community organized around the shared mission of building a new city that enables us to live more vital lives. Vitality, in all its aspects, will be key. We are building a place that is integrated with nature and is default healthy, and with a mission-focus we endeavor to become the global leader in culture and technology.

With fresh capital and new partnerships, we will accelerate the movement that is Praxis, and catalyze this energy into a new city. But we need your help to do so. We would like to invite you to take this journey with us: join our community, where you can earn a place in the city by helping build it; or as a member of the core team. We are hiring for our community and real estate teams; please contact if you are interested in applying.

We’d also like to thank early supporters and investors Pronomos Capital, Jude Gomila, Tyler Cowen, Patri Friedman, Animal Capital, Michael Gruen, Sam Hatem, Shayne Coplan, Ryan Metzger, Jeremy Giffon, Alumni Ventures Group, Vishal Harpalani, Vivek Garipalli, Shaan Puri, Soroush Ghodsi, Stefan Stokic, Aaron Polhamus, Split Capital, Freddie Rothschild, Zack Baker, Eugene Marinelli, Ani Pai, JD Ross, Ryan Rzepecki, Yash Sinha, Will Robbins, Contrary Capital, Tieshun Roquerre, John Catsimatidis Jr, Justin Mares, Jon Goldsmith, Michael Tan, Maksim Stepanenko, Jonathan Swanson, Pratyush Buddiga, Saneel Sreeni, Stefan Gooch, Stephen Malkowicz, George Singer, Eric Lavin, Byrne Hobart, Jeff Lo, David Petersen, Dave Merin, Cameron Wiese, Dim, Keiran Simunovic, Cameron Kelley, and Alex Masmej.

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