Discover the Personality Behind Wallets

Tillies is a comprehensive platform that provides a user-friendly view of the personality behind wallets and their activity and enables users to explore, connect and describe themselves within the web3 community.

At Tillies, we acknowledge that the social aspect of web3 is in its early stages of development and that navigating this new world can be daunting for many people. Our goal is to provide a solution by bringing together information from various sources, organizing it into an easily accessible format, and humanizing the web3 experience.

We strive to create a platform where individuals can share their personal experiences, skills, passions, preferences, and more, making the world of web3 more approachable and adopted socially. In this way, Tillies aims to play a crucial role in fostering the growth and development of the social aspect of web3.

Picture this:

When you open Tillies, you're transported from a world of impersonal wallets to a vibrant world of users who are more than just addresses. As you scroll through the different web3 communities you're a part of, you can easily find others who share your interests, whether it's snowboarding, BAYC, Optimism network or simply enjoying a walk along the promenade in the same city. With Tillies, you can get in touch with them on various web2 or web3 socials, view their web3 activity in a user-friendly format, and discover overlaps in web3 assets.

Finally, you will be able to build meaningful relationships in the space and create cross-web3 community Clubs based on your shared passions and interests.

With Tillies, you're not just joining a community, but becoming a part of a movement of individuals coming together to connect, share, and bring a human touch to the web3 world.

Our mission:

Empower individuals to build meaningful connections and foster communities within the web3 space.

Our vision:

Build a space where web3 people can easily connect, share, discover, and communicate with each other.

What is Tilly?

Tilly is the one-stop shop for all things web3 socials. A unique and customizable profile in the web3 world that represents your social presence in web3, aggregating social info about you and allowing you to express who you are, and what you care about to others in the web3 community.

We are focusing on Soulbound Tokens and working to integrate all of these components onto the blockchain, as well as building a reputation system to improve communication within the web3 ecosystem.

Key features

Our social approach covers the following 4 features:

  1. Socials: an aggregated hub for all socials associated with a given wallet;

  2. NFTs & Tokens Overlap: an easy-to-use tool for discovering overlaps and common interests in NFTs & tokens;

  3. On-chain Passions & Skills: a new way to showcase individual passions & skills and connect with like-minded people in web3 communities;

  4. Human-readable Wallet Activity: a human-readable representation of wallet activity, enabling easy exploration of web3 activity.

1. Socials

An aggregated hub for all socials associated with a given wallet

One of the features of Tillies is its ability to bring together all your web3 social profiles into one place, making it easier for you to stay connected with your frens. For example, this includes popular web3 socials such as Farcaster, Mirror, Lens, Sound, and more all in one place, without having to navigate between different social media platforms.

Tillies also integrates with Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains, allowing you to show more information about yourself to others in the web3 community and navigate them easily. For instance, if you have an ENS domain set up, Tillies can pull information such as your social profiles, descriptions, keywords, and more, giving others a complete view of your online presence.

2. NFTs & Tokens Overlap

An easy-to-use tool for discovering overlaps and common interests in NFTs & tokens

Tillies includes an overlap tool that allows you to see common interests and relationships between your web3 assets and those of others.

Whether it's different NFT categories such as PFP, POAP, music, sports, arts, or different tokens on different chains, Tillies provides a quick and easy way to see the connections and overlaps between them.

We will develop this tool to help create a more interconnected and interrelated web3 community, as users can understand the relationships and connections between their assets and others, fostering greater collaboration and communication within the web3 space.

3. On-chain Passions & Skills

A new way to showcase individual passions & skills and connect with like-minded people in web3 communities

Tillies not only helps you connect with like-minded individuals within the crypto preferences but also allows you to express your personality and showcase your passions, interests & skills. You also can add an intro about yourself, helping others know more about you and your personality. This allows you to build meaningful relationships beyond just your crypto investments and preferences.

With Tillies, you can easily discover individuals with similar passions and interests within your NFT communities or in the entire web3 community, opening up new avenues for connection based on shared hobbies and skills. Whether it's art, music, sports, or any other field, Tillies provides a platform for users to connect and engage with the web3 community in a way that highlights the human aspect of the technology.

4. Human-readable Wallet Activity

A human-readable representation of wallet activity, enabling easy exploration of web3 activity

Finally, our project, Tillies, addresses the challenge of exploring the web3 space and understanding wallet activity. Unlike traditional solutions such as Etherscan, which can be difficult for non-technical users to navigate, Tillies makes it easy to track and understand the full range of activities associated with a given wallet. By aggregating data from a diverse range of sources, and presenting it in a readable and discoverable format, Tillies empowers users to explore the web3 activity of people with ease.

At Tillies, we offer a unique view into a user's crypto activity by breaking it down into five main categories.

  • In the Collectibles section, users can see all their operations with collectible assets.

  • The Social category allows you to view their activity on platforms such as Lenster or Farcaster, their music preferences on Sound, and articles they've published on Mirror.

  • The Transactions and Defi categories allow users to see financial operations with cryptocurrency, and we will have the option for them to hide this information from our service if they so choose.

  • Finally, in the Governance section, users can see all the proposals and votes they've made in different DAOs.

With all this information at your fingertips, Tillies helps you navigate and understand activities with ease.

Whether you're looking to follow your frens, discover new people, or connect with like-minded individuals, Tillies is the one-stop-shop for all social-focused things web3. Get ready, as there are many exciting developments and features in the works, so keep a lookout for what's to come!

Stay tuned and join us on social media to stay updated on Tillies' latest developments. If you want to take part in the beta testing reach out to us :)

Tillies team

Telegram: @misharik
Twitter: @tillies_xyz

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