Final Beta and Airdrop Details Announced

WINR Labs is thrilled to announce the launch of the final beta of WINR Protocol and JustBet today, March 17th, at 3 PM UTC! The audit process for both the WINR Protocol and JustBet is ongoing. During this time, we wanted to roll out a fully functioning final beta to reward $WINR holders and collect feedback to release on mainnet with a perfect UI/UX.

On our mission to provide an on-chain casino experience similar to a web2 e-gaming, here is what has been done for the final beta and plans.

  • Improved UI/UX for the games.

  • Revamped multiplayer game engine.

  • Faster results with a brand new indexer for the front end.

  • A fresh approach to VRF for quicker and more secure random number generation.

  • Cleaner data indexing and displaying

  • Fully functioning WINR Protocol contracts with WLP and staking.

  • New games will be released weekly.

  • Ongoing UI/UX improvements according to feedback.

  • Addition of InstaDapp's Avocado wallet for one-click-betting

  • Addition of Li.Fi widget for onboarding users from any chain with a single transaction.

Here is how you can benefit during this last stage before the mainnet as a $WINR holder:

1. Weekly Airdrops in ETH and vWINR

The first is the weekly incentivized airdrop campaign, exclusively available to $WINR holders. Here is how you can become eligible for the rewards:

  • Hold 5000 mainnet $WINR tokens in the same wallet you are going to use the testnet with

  • Place 10 unique bets on JustBet (multiple bets count as one bet) per day during the week

  • Stake at least 100 vWINR.

  • Purchase WLP with one of the mock ERC20 tokens (wBTC, wETH, or DAI)

  • Use the swap function by selecting a different payout currency than the betting currency or swapping directly through the Earn page.

Eligible users will share a weekly airdrop of 5 ETH and 100k vWINR proportionally to their $WINR holdings. This is also when the following week's campaign with the same specifications starts.

2. General airdrop for mainnet $WINR holders and testnet users of the JustBet platform on Arbitrum Goerli and Optimism Goerli.

Here is how you can become eligible:

  • Hold at least 5000 WINR from the beginning of the final beta until the mainnet release

  • Place more than 100 bets

  • Purchase WLP

  • Stake vWINR

Eligible users will be airdropped an undisclosed amount of vWINR upon the mainnet release proportional to their WINR holdings.

We are excited about this last step before the mainnet release and thank our community for supporting us in this journey.

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