Announcing Details of the $WINR Fair Launch on Camelot

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the WINR token on Camelot, marking an important milestone in the development of the WINR Protocol and the subsequent e-gaming platforms. With this launch, we are taking a significant step towards revolutionizing the world of gaming and betting on the blockchain.

WINR is the native token of the WINR Protocol and will play a crucial role in the WINR ecosystem. The users of the platforms built on the WINR Protocol (the first of these is JustBet) will be able to stake or vest the vWINR tokens they are rewarded with for their bets (or through providing liquidity to WLP) to get a certain percentage as real yield of the WLP’s revenue. The token will also be used for governance of the protocol, allowing holders to vote on key decisions related to the protocol’s developments and future direction.

The fair launch of WINR on Camelot will take place on March 9, 2023, and we are excited to offer our community the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the e-gaming revolution. During the launch, a fixed supply of WINR tokens will be available for purchase. There will be two stages to the sale of tokens. The first stage will be open to whitelisted users and will run for 48 hours. The second stage will be open to the public for the remaining amount from the first stage and will run for 24 hours.

See the breakdown of tokenomics here: 

Here are the details for the public sale:

* vWINR can be converted to WINR. See details here.

Here’s how the funds raised will be distributed:

The sale on Camelot will be in two stages. 


In the first stage, only the whitelisted addresses will be able to purchase vWINR and WINR tokens. This stage will last for 48 hours. There are three ways to get whitelisted.

  • Testnet users that have placed at least 25 unique bets between the 15th of January and to 26th of February are eligible for a guaranteed whitelist spot. Some whitelist spots will also be distributed through events organized by the partners and contributors of the WINR Protocol. Each address will have a cap of 500 USDC. To verify your spot, please fill out the following form:

  • WINR Protocol is a Genesis WINR Liquidity Pool Event hosted on-chain and accessible through WINR Protocol ( and JustBet ( interfaces. Early liquidity providers willing to provide USDC for the WLP will be rewarded with bonus vWINR yield block by block. Genesis WLP providers will be rewarded with whitelist spots in proportion to their provided liquidity.

    The Genesis WLP event will start on the 3rd of, March Friday. The event will last until one week before the mainnet release. However, liquidity providers that have deposited USDC until the 9th of March will be eligible for whitelist spots on the public sale.

    Addresses of liquidity providers will be added to the Camelot launchpad contract with respective caps per address. Owners of the addresses can view the amount of USDC their whitelist spot provides through the Camelot interface on the launch date. For more details, please visit the following link:

  • Camelot introduces an xGRAIL plug-in for the launchpad, granting whitelist spots to the participants. For more information, please see Camelot’s announcement.


Once the first stage is finalized, the second stage will start and will let other participants purchase the remaining vWINR and WINR tokens. The second stage is on a first come first served basis. This stage will last for 24 hours.

We believe that the launch of the WINR token on Camelot will mark the beginning of a new era in decentralized gaming and betting. We are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting new space and look forward to sharing our vision with the world. Stay tuned for more updates on the WINR protocol and our ongoing mission to transform the world of gaming and betting on the blockchain.

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