Vivid Colours In Your Eyes - The Genesis Music Collection


My name is Suave.

I am a British musician, producer, and singer / songwriter delving my path in to the Web3 space.

I have been writing music professionally since I was 18. The last 8 years I have honed in on my craft by expanding my set of creative skills including, graphic artistry, video production, choreography and dance.

First joining at the end of September 2021 I started investing my time in to learning the space. It has always been clear to me that Web3 has been and is the future for creatives, especially for independent artists such as myself.

Today I am excited and honored to talk about my Genesis Music Collection: Vivid Colours In Your Eyes.

The Project

The Vivid Colours In Your Eyes: Genesis Music Collection, is an expansion of the original conceptual project Vivid Colours In Your Eyes. A 6 track EP written and produced with each song being based on a different colour. I have a neurological condition called Synesthesia, which essentially means I see sounds.

Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.

Each song contained its respective individual artwork, all created by manipulating old studio headshots of myself. Not only did I want the music to be as intimate and personal as I could make it, but the artwork was equally as important to me that it stand out.

Studio headshot - Album Cover
Studio headshot - Album Cover

Bound to the limitations of finances and the chaotic schedule of releasing the project totally independently, the concept seemed to only be capable of what was achievable starting off in the Web2 World.

This is where things changed as at the end of September 2021, I was introduced to the exciting world of Web3.

A fire rekindled in my heart as I saw all the possibilities to bring back to life this concept I loved so dearly.

Digital Booklet

This NFT project was inspired by the nostalgia of my childhood experience, looking for albums on iTunes, sometimes lucky enough to find an album I liked that contained a “Digital Booklet”. Usually these booklets were just a few pages and had the lyrics or credits written on them but I was fascinated by the idea of adding something extra to an album that you could look at. I would actively look for albums or EPs that contained Digital Booklets so I could add to my own collection.

I have always liked to think big, plan conceptually, and create works of art that go beyond the body of music itself. Something clicked when considering the potential of Web3 and breaking out of the idea of what is possible to create as an independent artist.

My plan was simple: Create an innovative Digital Booklet. Graphic Artwork, Lyrics, In depth writing about how Synesthesia played a role in creating each song, and secrets about the project no one would know unless it came from the artist myself. The idea was to enhance the listening experience as you could now have a physical reference to see what it feels like to have this neurological condition that sometimes feels impossible to describe.

A page from the Digital Booklet containing information about "You..."
A page from the Digital Booklet containing information about "You..."

On top of that, I wanted to create some variation and rarity to the collection by adding six 1/1s and a special Golden NFT.

Each 1/1 is specific to an individual song on the EP and go as far as providing the listener with the actual Ableton Project File and Photoshop File. The Golden NFT containes the entire projects Ableton files, Photoshop files and much more. Each NFT received a brand new animation design and stand out among the collection as true 1 of 1s.

Vivid Colours In Your Eyes - Secrets 1/1
Vivid Colours In Your Eyes - Secrets 1/1

The Genesis collection is a low supply of 100 NFTs broken down as follows:

  • 93 Foundation NFTs - 0.03 ETH
  • 6 1/1s - 0.3 ETH
  • 1 Golden NFT - 1 ETH

If you would like to learn more about the collection all of the information is on the website here:

The collection is live on OpenSea here.


As there are many new platforms arising in the Web3 space, not all of which are obtainable to everyone, I think it is extra important to remember that this space is about innovation, exploration, community building, and growth. I heavily advise anyone looking to get involved in the space remember that there really are no limits to what is achievable. I am incredibly proud of what I have made and I am excited for the future of the Web3 space to grow.

Thank you for reading about my Genesis Music Collection.

If you would like to keep up with the future of this project and other projects feel free to join my discord here:

Follow my twitter here:

A link to the Original EP can be found here:

Thank you again for taking the time to read and have a wonderful rest of your day 💙

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