📢Updates from AbstraDEX!

Dear AbstraDEX Community,

We are thrilled to announce some significant updates and improvements to our platform:

Stablecoin Integration: We have successfully integrated stablecoins into our cross-swap feature on the mainnet. Now, you can seamlessly swap stablecoins on AbstraDEX.

Fee Service Update: We have updated our fee structure to ensure fair and transparent pricing for all users.
Check out https://docs.abstradex.xyz/introduction/fees

UI Improvements: We have made enhancements to our user interface to provide a smoother and more enjoyable trading experience. Navigate our platform with ease and efficiency.

We are committed to continuously improving AbstraDEX to offer you the best possible trading experience. Join us today to explore these new features and enhancements!

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments. Thank you for your continued support!

Best regards,
The AbstraDEX Team 🌐🚀

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