The N Project — It’s Only Numbers

Well I hope you didn’t think Loot Project was the first nor the last time you would see another metadata NFT grace the NFT space? As in all things blockchain it wasn’t long (3 day to be exact) before someone else made a derivative of the Loot Project and today we will cover The N Project.

Mr. Snark ser I believe you’ll make it, while many offshoots of the Loot project went about dropping language focused MDNFTs (MetaData NFT) to capitalize on the hype, another lone developer drops something revolutionary without any influencers, PR, or pre-mint announcements. It’s my strong belief that we will continue seeing these low key drops that change the landscape for the foreseeable future.

What is The N Project?

If you missed my previous post on the Loot Phenomenon, The N Project is another metadata NFT (MDNFT) that was heavily inspired by the success of Loot just days prior, but n is different in that instead of words being generated it’s numbers. Each card is made up of 8 numbers from 0–14 and like Loot the minimalist design is by nature.

So Now We’ve Been Reduced to 12345?

Sad Oh No GIF By ABB Formula E
Sad Oh No GIF By ABB Formula E

Well yes and no, if you were able to read the Loot article it covered the 3 types of people currently in the NFT space today. Flippers, Collectors, & Builders are what make up our industry at the current moment. Understandably the first two types can only see white numbers on a black background. Because “it’s all about the art”, “it’s all about the art” has been the narrative and as such it should be. But what happens when 70% of recent drops have been low effort cash grabs where each subsequent mint get worst.

Now contrast that to our builders who embrace the lack of any roadmap, framework, boundaries, and constraints. They are only limited by their own imagination, and this freedom invigorates them. Both Loot and N project are at the forefront of the next parabolic shift in the NFT space, and in this article I’ll detail why. I highly suggest you read the previous story: The LOOT Phenomenon and the Rise of the Metadata NFT really provides a lot of context in regards as to why I believe this will be the way. Here’s a hint top-down building vs. bottom up building.

What’s Different About N?

At it’s core The N Project provides absolutely no limitations, where as with Loot you’re bound by the words on the image, and while it’s incredibly flexible it’s limited by the inputs of language.

N Is Just Numbers and Numbers Power Our Reality

N provides a limitless playground to throw sand in, whereas Loot limits me to the words on the image.

Now before you Looters get all up in arms. This is not about one project being better than the other, honestly we as early pioneers have to get off the tribalism because it’ll kill any progressive momentum before it gets started. Now back to the regularly scheduled programming… the two projects are just very different, I see Loot as a decentralized gaming play, and N Project as a decentralized utility each will serve their own purpose going forward.

So, What Can I Do With My n?

I thought you’d never ask, remember I mentioned that n was like a decentralized utility? And because it’s a utility there’s a lot of different things that can be built on top of n.

Exclusive Mint Pass — allows n holders to mint for a limited period of time or indefinitely it’s really all up to the developer. Recently n holders have been able to mint projects for gas only, but that developer could also charge n holders 0.015ETH for a 3 day period before opening it up to the public to mint at 0.05ETH for instance, enabling n holders plenty of time to mint without having to compete in gas wars. One n gives you access to anything that’s built on top of the N Project.

NFT Power Ups — I’m sorry what? Yea you heard me right. Imagine if every time your NFT changed wallets it’s appearance slowly evolved from what it originally was, to something entirely different. What if the NFT could “see” if you owned a n or not, at which it speeds up the evolution. Well wish no more as n derivative Voyagerz has created a generative transfer art project that does just that.

nMusic — How would you like your n to create a special melody based off the numbers on your n? Here’s N#298

reNaiss.Art — Nine AI scientists trained GANs on the work of the historical grandmasters of art, and depicting their modern versions of renowned artworks. Mint the greats artists of our times like LeoN DaiVinci, JeaN Baskeeait, or JsuN Pollaick. Even if you didn’t mint the drop, as an n holder you still get to cast your vote for the tournament of champions.

What Else Has Been Built On n?

Well like all good MDNFTs the developers and artists need tool sets in order to rapidly get up to speed, without having to reinvent the wheel in order to bring a product to market quickly.

  • N Pass — a starter pack to build NFTs on top of the n project.
  • N Metadata JSON — raw data dump of every single n and it’s traits.
  • n Subgraph — any project worth it’s salt has a Subgraph to query the contract and related data items.
  • nChecker — showcases the projects that have leveraged n in their builds, you can preview what a mint looks like, or see if it’s been un-minted yet for your n token.
  • nDigitReport — a host of tools to view your n’s rarity, create a PFP, or check what your nBar cover photo would look like.
  • — view the floor on pure primes, bookends, golden ratios, and π to name a few.
  • The Gaussian Protocol — 100% on-chain RNG

Where is N Going?

🤷 Like I mentioned before in my LOOT post, it’s too early to accurately predict where any of these projects will go, they could go to zero or infinity, it’s all about market demand. However n Project is a decentralized utility and if the community can continue to deliver value to their holders who knows where this could go, only time will tell.

Until next time!

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Disclosure: The author does own n.

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