Major (forced) infrastructural change: Goerli Testnet shutting down

It wasn’t a priority until it became a priority…

Google "goerli shut down"
Google "goerli shut down"

Trying to resolve with Kleros:

In the previous blogpost we wrote about alternative approach:

Below copy-paste (for easy indexing in google) from our internal chat, I’m more than happy to share bold impactful vision for the world:

The current version of BaseX stopped working due to Goerli sunset.

Kleros = not married to any particular technology. It was pain to integrate last time.

Please add @GregTrifan11 (dev from Romania I'm working with) to this group so we can decide on the next steps...

You did something in 5 days. It took me many months (if not years) to achieve similar quality.

On the upside: I think I have game theory and incentives figured out, hacker mindset, thinking like adversary, RED TEAM and finding holes.

Together we can make this project a massive success.

I'm working towards GG20 grant application.

I will mention BaseX and EBF Impact Network and Georli Testnet sunset = opportunity to START FRESH

Sharing bold impactful vision for the world

We need network of trust!

I love network of trust.

Trust as lubricant in business.

I would like to make it even bigger: TRUST SCORE on the INTERNET

(and the metrics of evalution can be varied, that's a seperate major feature)

Screenshot from showcasing a variety of metrics
Screenshot from showcasing a variety of metrics

Next steps

Starting from open-source transparent public communication and update.

The platform is currently not available.

We need to figure out the next steps, maybe even focus on Celo in order to participate in their matching round? Clear incentive to do so…

Time will tell, for now explaining the situation with Goerli shut down.

It wasn’t a priority until it became a priority… 🙈

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