It’s been a minute since I’ve come here to write about building PRST and it wasn’t for lack of good reason. In the last month and a half I’ve focused my energy on the PRST podcast channel, creating a financial “coaching” membership (to be announced in January 2023), and hosting the very first PRST Collective.

The Collective was a massive success. The beta group consisted of three individuals each looking to further explore a creative interest in their lives. I joked with the group that part of the future marketing for Collectives will include how 2/3rds of the beta group walked away from significant incomes while a part of the Collective. “Come join the PRST Collective and leave making a lot less than you were before.” Obviously, the decision to forego income to pursue a better life is not an easy one and the participants were fortunate to be in the position to be able to leave money on the table, but it also highlights how meaningful it is to build the life you want.

I am going to write another post summarizing what I learned from The Collective but I thought I’d share the biggest surprise for me. I went into the beta cohort excited for the group sessions but expecting the one-on-one sessions each week to be the most impactful part of the six weeks. The one-on-one sessions were great and a lot of progress was made in each hour but the group sessions ended up being where the magic was. I significantly underestimated the value of the group session and learning this has changed how I plan to set up future Collectives, how I plan to market them, and who I want to attract.

I mentioned early on this blog my plan to incorporate crypto/web 3 in PRST and writing on Mirror and on-chain was the first step. Step two was creating a NFT for the Collective participants which will act as their lifetime ticket to various PRST events, exclusive content, and merchandise. **You can check out the initial collection here. **I have other plans to further introduce PRST to crypto but I’ll save those for ideas for another post.

PRST continues to make progress and I plan on carving out more time to write here and document the next phase of growth, which will be focused on growing the On Our PRST audience which will feed the entire podcast channel. I made the decision to put the Daily PRST on hiatus as I felt as if the episodes were becoming more quantity (daily) than quality--they weren’t bad episodes but I found myself recording them last minute and sometimes in a rush. I see them coming back in the future but for now I’m focusing on regularly recording On Our PRST (every other Tuesday), The PRST on Fridays, and Monday Motivation on Mondays. As you can see, I have big plans for the podcast channel:

As the podcast audience grows, the ability to connect the financial side of PRST with the mindset and spiritual side will become easier and a greater focus, which is what I want PRST to do--encourage people to find and follow their passions and overcome the financial fear of taking risks to create a life of greater happiness and less regret.

One final area of growth that I’m excited for is the upcoming drop for the PRST store; in the next couple of weeks I’ll be releasing a few hoodies, t-shirts, and brining the old hats back into focus. Subscribers to The Weekly PRST will have first access to the drop--the plan is to use The Weekly PRST as the hub for important communications, including merchandise drops. If you haven’t subscribed to The Weekly PRST you can change that here.

See you in your inbox and of course…

Keep Pursuing,

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