Building With Content

By now the growth strategy for PRST should be pretty obvious--at least I hope it is. Otherwise, I’ve been spending a lot of time publicly creating content for myself.

Creating content is the only way I know how to start growing a business.

It was a major part of how I grew my financial planing firm, RLS Wealth. It was unintentionally how my co-founder, Taylor Schulte, and I started The AGC. It was instrumental in establishing my small place in the financial planning community and bridging into other communities outside of finance.

I’m not an aggressive salesperson.

I’m not going to cold call. I’m not going to spend tons of dollars buying keywords or social media ads (at least not right now). I’m not going to force anything I do on anyone. I’d rather focus on those who are already with me and let other find me when the time is right. Creating content is perfect for this.

I’ll rely on educating, sharing, and just being myself in blogs, podcasts, videos, and other content to allow people who have an interest in what I’m doing find me. I believe if you put good content out, focus on giving information away and showing your expertise, and take care of the people working with or supporting you, good things will happen--I can’t be convinced it won’t work. I’ve not only watched this play out for many people but I’ve experienced it myself--and once I saw that it works, there was no turning back for me.

Disclaimer: That’s not to say other ways of growing a business won’t work and that content creation should the ONLY way to market--I don’t live in a world of absolutes.

Thankfully, I love creating content. If I could, I’d spend all day every day creating content of one form or another. Some days it would be writing the blogs for the topics I have written down in my ideas notebook. Others it would be having conversations with interesting people for the podcast. And sometimes it would be shooting videos and taking photos to create more Shorts showing what a passion led life can look like.

For some creating content is work. For me, it’s a creative outlet that just so happens to fuel my businesses.

PRST Is A Little Different

Growing PRST through content is going to be a little different than it was growing RLS Wealth. When marketing a financial planning firm through education and content, a creator is not only able to begin to build relationships with their readers/listeners, who are potential future clients, but she is also able to establish herself as an expert and show her professional knowledge. The end result is eventually some of the readers/listeners will reach out to the advisor for help when they have a financial event that requires help. There is a service that is on the other end of the content.

If you revisit the blog post that discusses the current roadmap for PRST, right now it’s only content and merchandise. But you can see there is more to come.

For now, despite having an audience from my content as a financial advisor, I’m focused right now on helping individuals for whom PRST will resonate with find it. I’m sure there will be some overlap with RLS Wealth clients, All About Your Benjamins subscribers, and followers on social media but for the most part, PRST is starting from ground zero.

And ground zero is blogging, podcasting, and creating videos.

PRST Content Every Day

Beginning next week, PRST will be publishing content 7 days a week.

Currently, there is The Daily PRST podcast which drops Mon-Thursday and should only take up 5-7 minutes of your time. On Fridays The PRST drops. On Saturdays The Weekly PRST hits inboxes (if you’re not getting it you can sign up here). On Our PRST is an interview format podcast that does not have a regular cadence.

And starting June 12th, 2022 there will be a new audio-only show (titled TBD) exclusively on the new PRST Amazon Skill powered by our friends at WealthVoice. You can subscribe to the PRST Skill available on your Amazon devices and make PRST a part of your morning routine--each day the podcasts will be available on your Amazon device and it will be the only place to catch the Sunday episodes where we’ll dive deeper into some of the spiritual components of your Pursuit.

Next week we’ll announce the PRST Skill, so you’re getting a little sneak peek at what’s to come by reading the blog.

I’ll never stop creating content for PRST, even after the remainder of the roadmap is filled in and we are helping more individuals and families find and follow their passions to more fulfilled and happier lives.

For now, it’s back to creating…I’ve got a newsletter to finish for tomorrow morning.

Keep Pursuing,


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