Passion Becomes Purpose With A Plan

As I look back over the last 7 years since starting RLS Wealth, my registered investment advisory firm, the creation of PRST is so obvious in hindsight.

In 2020, I rebranded the firm…I worked with a designer to create a logo, the 36-lined circle that PRST shares with RLS Wealth (more to come on this logo in the future--it’ll blow your mind 🤯), a new color scheme pulling the OG orange from the early days forward, and a brand new website.

The copy on the website mentioned “dreamers”, “purpose”, and “passion”…just a few important words meant to speak to individuals and families who wanted to take greater control of their lives. This intended audience would have identified with PRST if it had existed then. I’m still so happy and proud of what the graphic/brand designer, my web/brand designer, and I were able to create. It’s still one of the best financial advisor websites I’ve seen, if I do say so myself. See if you can find the hidden message that so many people miss and others think is a mistake.

Passion Become Purpose With A Plan

With the new branding and messaging, I created a tee to give away to new and existing clients. When I started working with the graphic designer I told her I wanted a logo that could stand on its own--I wanted my own version of a Nike Swoosh or an Apple apple. My vision was eventually the RLS Wealth logo would be recognized on its own and those wearing it would be doing so out of pride for the life they were living and had created, with the help of RLS Wealth, and others would recognize the logo and admire the individual wearing for living their “best life”.

This will still happen--only the logo will be recognized for PRST.

The tee was simple. The orange RLS Wealth circle on the front chest and on the back it just said “Passion Becomes Purpose With A Plan”.

Passion. Becomes. Purpose. With. A. Plan.

I haven’t revisited my memories to determine exactly when the seed for PRST was planted but I have to imagine it was around this time.

As PRST and its community grows there will be more connection to the financial planning concepts, strategies, and behaviors to make passion a bigger part of more people’s lives.

We’re just getting started…but we’ve also been at it for years.

Keep Pursuing,


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