Introducing Upshot Analytics: The Next Generation NFT Appraisal Platform

We’re excited to introduce Upshot Analytics Beta - the dashboard for NFT data, live appraisals and analytics. Upshot Analytics is your informative sidekick for exploring the NFT market.

Upshot: where NFTs meet DeFi
Upshot: where NFTs meet DeFi

NFT data today is often lackluster and spread out across a variety of websites and tools. With Upshot Analytics, you can now explore the NFT market in one place and get access to data often missing from existing tools.

Analytics allows you to discover top NFT collections, spot emerging trends, and dive deeper into the price history of individual NFTs. Whether you’re browsing Bored Apes or Art Blocks, Analytics not only gives you deep insight into market data, but provides accurate, up-to-date NFT appraisals for a wide variety of top collections.

With live NFT appraisals, Upshot Analytics represents a major step forward in researching NFT markets. Using innovative ML models, NFTs on the platform are re-priced every hour, providing close to real-time insight into the value of assets you are looking to buy or sell. Gone are the days of having to solely rely on a months old sale price or something as simple as floor price.

Analytics is the first way for end users to consume our NFT price feeds and marks the roll-out of our production ready NFT pricing API. The Upshot API provides an easy-to-consume endpoint for accurate NFT pricing. With the Upshot API, NFT marketplaces, portfolio trackers, DeFi x NFT primitives, and any other project in need of closer to real-time NFT pricing data can now easily integrate reliable prices for non-fungible assets into their applications.

Get started

The Analytics homepage provides a bird’s eye view of the NFT market - you can compare the price history of top collections, view top selling collections, and explore new collections. How about line charts for NFTs? We got ‘em. With Analytics, you can now view and compare historical NFT price data.

Upshot Analytics Home
Upshot Analytics Home

Live Appraisals

Owners of NFTs often wonder what their assets are worth, or if an asset they want to purchase is selling at a reasonable price. However, many NFTs on the market are selling for the first time ever or lack a rich sales history. In such cases, you need to learn about the market, the mechanics of the application, find comparable assets, and then form a valuation based on this partial information. These costs of information gathering create a massive barrier to entry, or force buyers and sellers to rely on last sale or floor price alone.

Live Appraisals and History
Live Appraisals and History

At Upshot, we’ve developed specialized machine learning algorithms to appraise the value of NFTs at scale. Our machine learning models ingest historical sales data, off-chain market data and NFT metadata to generate accurate, reliable appraisals. Machine learning allows us to incorporate data that simpler models do not take into consideration and predict prices based on variables constructed using automated methods to uncover the most important pricing factors.

Find opportunities with Live Appraisals
Find opportunities with Live Appraisals

As a result, assets that have never changed hands can now be accurately priced in real-time. More than 270K of the top NFTs are re-priced every hour across the platform. Analytics provides live appraisals for top collections like Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, and Art Blocks, and we’re adding new collections all the time.


Want to dive deeper into a collection? You can view average price, floor price, market cap, weekly volume, and top selling NFTs for individual collections.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Collection Page
Bored Ape Yacht Club Collection Page

Individual NFT View

Interested in a specific NFT? Live appraisals, pricing history, sale history, and attribute rarity - it’s all there at your fingertips. You can even select attributes from an individual NFT to view the pricing history of NFTs with similar traits.

Live Appraisals and Tx History
Live Appraisals and Tx History

Owner History allows you to go deeper into past collectors and see what they collect and how they have been buying or selling different assets.

Owner History
Owner History

Collector Pages

Want to check out your own portfolio, or the portfolio of a top collector? Collector pages give you insight into appraised portfolio value, number of NFTs held, transaction history, collection distribution, average hold time, and more.

Explore other collectors' pages and share your own
Explore other collectors' pages and share your own

Portfolios are also sorted by collection, so you can, for instance, see just how many Fidenza’s Vincent Van Dough owns and their current appraised value.

Upshot: Where NFTs meet DeFi

After months in closed beta, we are opening up a public waitlist so that more people can gain access to these new tools. If you were part of the closed beta or are a prominent collector, you are probably already on our access list. Check your status or SIGN UP HERE.

We know we have tons of work to do on this beta release and have been getting so much valuable feedback and help from our community. We hope that this public beta period will yield new opportunities for improvement and refinement of our platform and offerings. Please help us make the best analytics platform in the space by giving us any feedback (positive or negative) through the form on the website or pop into Discord and let us know what you think.

This is just the first in a series of new releases that we hope will make Upshot the home for DeFi x NFTs. Along with making it easier than ever for people to explore NFT data and real-time appraisals, we’re also excited to be working with partners to integrate the Upshot API into their apps.

Real-time NFT price-feeds will enable a number of benefits for NFT marketplaces and DeFi protocols, give people insights into what their assets are worth, and unlock a range of exotic new primitives at the intersection of DeFi and NFTs.

Features we are working on implementing very soon:

  • Indexing and appraising more key collections
  • Enhanced wallet profiling and customization
  • Cohort and Social Analysis
  • Experimental DeFi applications
  • Marketplace tools & integrations*

Stay tuned, this is just the beginning!

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