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Originally Published - August 11, 2021

ETHCC Hackathon
ETHCC Hackathon

We were excited to recently announce the winners of the Upshot-sponsored prizes from the recent ETH CC Hackathon 2021 in 🇫🇷 Paris! ETH CC Hackathon 2021 brought together irl and online developers, creatives, and experts to build the future of DeFi, with some of the top teams in crypto in attendance.

DeFi has shown the world that the legacy financial system, with all of its walled gardens and inaccessibility, can be re-built into a decentralized, permissionless ecosystem — opening up access for anyone to use and build upon. We believe the most exciting innovations in the months and years ahead will take place at the intersection of DeFi and NFTs.

In pursuit of that vision, tens of thousands of dollars in prizes were awarded at ETH CC Hackathon 2021 for a wide-array of impressive hacks built on Sushiswap, The Graph, Uniswap, and ZORA. The hackathon weekend also included some wonderful panels featuring Mariano Conti, Nick Emmons from Upshot, Mihailo Bjelic from Polygon, Nader Dabit from The Graph, Sara Reynolds from Uniswap, and many more.

A huge thanks to everyone who submitted projects and built innovative apps on Upshot infrastructure!

Meet the winners 🎉

🏆 Best NFT subgraph or aggregation of NFT data

CryptoPunk Explorer: An Intuitive Interface for Browsing Punks

Developer: @caseykcaruso

Project Link:

CryptoPunk Explorer is an intuitive interface leverage Upshot’s NFT subgraphs that makes CryptoPunk shopping easier and more fun — letting you search for and filter punks by specific attributes.

🛠 For more check out Upshot’s NFT subgraphs

🏆 Most creative product at the intersection of DeFi x NFTs

Reaction$ — A Decentralized Social NFT Marketplace

Developers: @gleuch, @OhJia, and @r_persiani1

Project Link:


Reaction$ is a decentralized NFT social marketplace that lets people curate NFTs using “Reaction$” (a type of ERC-1155 token).

💡 Learn more about what efficient NFT price discovery means for DeFi

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