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Originally Published - June 17, 2021


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🌟 What’s New

HackMoney x Upshot: $4k in prizes up for grabs 💰

We’re stoked to sponsor ETHGlobal’s HackMoney! We will be awarding $4k 💰 in prizes. Submit your hack for a chance to win one of two Upshot bounties that will be up for grabs:

🏆 Prize #1: For the best NFT subgraph or aggregation of NFT data🏆 Prize #2: For the best NFT pricing model

📅 June 18 — July 9 Register here 👉

📆 Upcoming Virtual NFT Lounge: It seems the latest NFT trend is “NFT production studios,” as they’re being called. Fox Corporation has set aside $100 million for investment in new products that include NFTs at their core, and NFT Genius has raised $4 million from investors like Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban. Join the Upshot team on Thursday, June 17 at 9:00PM ET to chat about it on Discord.

💡 Insights

Searching for Truth: Blockchain Technology as a Remedy for the Post-Truth Era

Upshot founder Nick Emmons writes on the growing mistrust in society and how blockchain technology can help provide a remedy for the post-truth era.

“Blockchain technology is reshaping how people are paid for their niche areas of expertise.”

🖼 NFT Round-Up

What’s Happening ⚡️

  • Bored Apes are now one of the top 3 NFT collections traded over the past month
  • A rare “Alien” CryptoPunk (#7523) sold for $11.8 million at Sotheby’s — setting the auction record for an individual CryptoPunk
  • You can now show off your NFT collection directly within the latest version of the Rainbow wallet app with Showcase 🏆

Top NFT Sales (Last 7 Days)* 💎

1. CryptoPunk #8805 | 138 ETH ($334k)

2. Alight Here for Dystopia | 67 ETH ($175k)

3. CryptoPunk #9214 | 57 ETH ($144k)

Top NFT Collections (Last 7 Days)* 🖼

1. Axie Infinity | Vol: $22.9 (-2%) | Sales: 82k (+18%)

2. NBA Top Shots | Vol: $14.08M (+92%) | Sales: 604k (+130%)

3. Bored Ape Yacht Club | Vol: $6.9M (-30%) | Sales: 948 (-47%)

*Data from DappRadar

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