My experience of Phala Network Hackathon

This was one of the craziest hackathons i have done till the date.

Phala Mainnet Hackathon- LensPhitev2 with Notifications, Dynamic Nfts and on-Chain scores.

Home Page of V2
Home Page of V2
  • So with very high excitement and enthusiasm we started our mainnet hackathon.

  • The hackathon started with me not able to setup the sample repo in my windows system till last 2nd day of the hackathon.

  • I tried updating wsl, deleting, reinstalling and what not.

  • Then i created a virtual image of a Debian Os and tried to setup the repo there but still we were facing issues there due to some permission issues.

  • Then my Savior(hashwarlock ~ josh) who is Director of Tech Evangelism at Phala Network updated the repo with the code supporting windows system and i was good to go.

  • Next Day i skipped college and coded the backend of the project with josh in our Developer Dao voice channel, i had faced many errors(smartcontract, encoding, decoding, tests, variable setting and wat not) but josh was there to help me with them and without him 100% i won’t be able to finish the project.

  • After setting up the sample code i went through it and understood various parts of the code, the pink package of Phala which can only be used in the code to make http get, put, post requests .

  • Then i learned how to make API using node and express and deployed my API for storing data about my characters .

  • This time i also introduced Notifications in the game, whosoever is the winner, a notification about his winning is sent into the public group with his powers and score.

  • Channel Address of Live Push Channel(

Push Notification about winning
Push Notification about winning
    • Following data is stored in the API:

      • Nature of the character : Fire, Water, Earth, nature, according to this the character gets Power Ups.

      • Special Attacks: Attack1, 2 and 3 using these attacks the player can have an extra edge against the opponent.

Api for Querying character data.
Api for Querying character data.
    • Further we are querying this data using Pink library as a batchttp request with another lens api to query the profile data and we are getting the data in return in form of a array .

      • Further we are using this array to send data to our Consumer contract deployed on mumbai and then we are listening for event "ResponseReceived” with a webSocket.

      • Once our React app receives data from the event listener, we are setting that data on our frontend and then starting the game.

    • Now if the player 1 has Fire Attribute and Player 2 has Water Attribute then Player 1 will get 1000points + because of the Power Attribute.

    • After the match finishes, the winner gets to mint a Nft of this on-Chain score and if he/she/they already have one then their score on the Nft gets updated.

Nft with Dynamic Levels
Nft with Dynamic Levels
  • The below is how the Battle Ground looks like in the game:
Battleground of LensPhite
Battleground of LensPhite
  • I hope you liked the project.

Phala Testnet Hackathon Experience

The hackathon started with me getting sick

then my teammate got sick

then i found a new teammate to code with.

and also found a bug in Lens Oracle due to which the oracle gets shutdown automatically and was awarded a bounty for this finding from Phala Network team.

  • I started by exploring Phala Network ,it’s oracles and how things are done.

  • At start it looked hard but is somewhat easy.

  • It took me 15 mins to setup a consumer contract with lens oracle at start and now i do it in under 2 mins.

    Our Project : Lens Phite with Onchain score

Battle Ground
Battle Ground
Landing page
Landing page
  • It's a Onchain Game in which your lens State acts as your score.

    • A game of Stat vs Stat for 2 Lens profiles to compete with the stat total they have on their Lens profile

    • Your total score depends on :

      • Your Posts

      • Your Following

      • Your Followers

    • We are fetching above data from a Lens oracle deployed on Phala Network.

    • A consumer contract is deployed on Polygon-Mumbai to fetch data from Lens Oracle( .

    • If your score is greater then player 2 , you win.

The winner's score is updated in a Unique Nft with onChain Level, and everytime a user wins,the Level is increased .

I would like to give a shoutout to hashwarlock( Director of Tech Evangelism at Phala Network) to constantly be available for every help possible be it oracle not responding or some technical error.

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