8DAOIP - 10 - Season 6 Proposal

Executive Summary

The 8DAO contributor team hereby present the Season 6 (1 Oct 2023 - 31 Mar 2024) Proposal to 8DAO members.

Season 6 Strategic Goal

“Grow the treasury via opportunities in  Ethereum Ecosystem”

In season 6, the Executive Committee has agreed to set a new strategic goal: “Grow the treasury via opportunities in Ethereum Ecosystem”. As a NFT and DAO focused community, the team believes ethereum will continue to play a leading role in the coming cycle. Focusing opportunities in the ethereum making our capital allocation more efficient through the team and community’s knowledge and experience of the ethereum. As the time length of the bear market continues to be unclear, we believe it’s in the community’s best  interest to maintain operating costs at a low level. Here are the key content of the proposal:

  1. Convert 60% of treasury 150,000 USDT/USDC  to ETH. Option by Executive committee to stake the ETH in low-risk protocols to earn passive income for the treasury

  2. NFT fund will continue to look for NFT investment opportunities in Ethereum

  3. Extend seasonal length from 3 months to 6 months. This will help to reduce administrative hours which lead to lower operating costs

  4. Instead of proposing goals and tasks by each contributor at the beginning of each season in the past, from season 6,  all contributors' roles and contribution hours will be set at a level that maintains the basic operation functions of each position. A general budget will given to the Executive Committee to decide if to support certain initiatives proposed by the contributors or the community in the middle of the season

  5. As the executive committee agreed to slow down venture investment given the market conditions, rotation of the Investment Committee will be paused.

  6. Down size contributor team from 10 to 6 people and strictly control the hours to control compensation expense

Season 6 Core Contributing Team

Season 6 Proposed Activities

Unit 1: Strategy Lead

General responsibilities:

  1. Setting key strategy of each season

  2. Monitor and ensure tasks conducted by all contributors follow the strategy

  3. Discuss task planning with each contributor and review execution plans and results

Unit 2: Product Lead

General responsibilities:

  1. Provide analysis on MocaDAO proposals and significant ApeCoin DAO proposals

  2. Participate in other community led initiatives within the MocaDAO like G’s United Moca Hallway

  3. Explore revenue opportunities with Mocaverse

Unit 3: Coordination Lead

General responsibilities:

  1. Coordinating events and collaboration opportunities with key partners including OKX,  Animoca, Hashkey and Hong Kong Cyberport

  2. NFT fund 2 operation

  3. Treasury operation

  4. Community operation

Unit 4: Creative Lead

General responsibilities:

  1. 8DAO social media

  2. Event marketing materials

  3. Organizing X Space (Twitter Space)

  4. NFT event design

Unit 5: Event Lead

General responsibilities:

  1. Preparing events and plans

  2. Discussing and working with different partners to develop, manage, and operate those events

  3. Exploring the revenue opportunities from providing event services to those partners.

Season 6 Budget (6 months)

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