Closed Beta launch

1. TL;DR

Octav is developing an anon friendly editable dashboard to properly monitor all your crypto transactions. With our user-editable dashboard and curated database, you can finally get an accurate picture of your portfolio to make better investment decisions. Then execute on those decisions by interacting directly with most EVM chains and protocols right in your dashboard.

Are you ready anon? We are releasing our early bird version to the most active and engaged DeFi communities : Degens! Octav has been created for the sophisticated Degen.

  • From now on, we are giving a free trial until December 31, 2022.

  • Starting on December 15, 2022, the trial will be 2 weeks long, so make sure to use the trial in full!

  • If you are not on our Degen list, make sure to join our Discord and flash your degen score.

The only thing we ask in return is your feedback! You can:

☞ Leave a Request to our Canny

☞ Contact us through our Discord, Twitter or LinkedIn


2. Why Octav ?

2.1 The pain of DeFi investment oversight

The crypto ecosystem lacks proper monitoring tools to track all our DeFi investments. Once our trusty spreadsheets became too unwieldy to maintain, we went looking for better tools, but none of the solutions we looked at fit the bill. A few common failings we encountered were:

  • Transaction limitations,

  • Missing transactions/data due to investment dispersion,

  • Incorrect cost basis and P&L calculations,

  • Wrong and inaccurate data,

  • Incorrect transaction type labelling (even if the transaction type exists!),

  • Spam to be cautious with,

  • …and more!

2.2 The absolute DeFi tracker

Here comes Octav!
Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here is a quick sneak-peek:

But words slice deeper so here are quick highlights of Octav’s dashboard:

  • 7 main EVM networks

  • Transaction based data, means we are decrypting the blockchain.

  • Cost basis + P&L

  • Anon friendly, no possible doxxing, no IP tracking, maximum privacy

    • sign in with Ethereum

    • no tracking of user information bundle will be locally stored on your computer

  • User editable info:

    • Transaction type

    • Protocol

    • Fees

    • Asset/Token

    • Asset quantity

    • Asset price

  • User editable info, for your eyes only. Only you can see your changes and no one else, whatever their plan.

  • Manual entries to reflect information not stored on the blockchain is coming soon!

  • Everyone can contribute to improve Octav’s database with our public repositories (transaction types, protocols, spam).

  • Interact with main EVM chains and protocols to close your open positions directly from the Octav dashboard (we have started with EVM chains with the goal of integrating every chain).

3. What is the goal of the closed Beta?

We are building the backbone of Octav: a powerful database that will provide the best and most accurate portfolio information in the industry. To do so, we have created an evolving, user-curated database inspired by the open and creative spirit of the crypto ecosystem. But this is just the beginning and we are fully aware that the algorithm is not yet fine tuned. That's why we need your help. The more input we give to Octav, the better it works.

We want to collect your feedback and make sure the platform addresses your needs when it comes to tracking all your crypto investments.

For feedback you can:

☞ Leave a Request to our Canny

☞ Contact us through our Discord, Twitter or LinkedIn

4. Octav’s philosophy

★ We believe that to move as fast as the crypto ecosystem, we must abandon old thinking and gated databases.

★ We believe that creating tools to empower our users will bring us further than any other platform. They decide what information is important.

★ We believe that our approach will help us learn and adjust faster to the ever growing ecosystem.

★ Finally, we believe that true, accurate and editable information is crucial for any users that want to learn and grow in the world of cryptocurrency.

5. Roadmap overview

✓ Dashboard

✓ Transactions

❏ Reports

❏ Address book

❏ Bundle addresses

❏ Debt

❏ NFTs collection

❏ Claim/Compound

❏ Investments

❏ Opportunities Scanner

❏ Integrate more and more chains to cover them all

⁃ For degen, by degen ⁃


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