🚀 Octav Beta Launch

1. TL;DR

Octav is a free, anonymous and editable data analytics platform that helps deciphering all decentralized finance (DeFi) investment activity. Get comprehensive DeFi portfolio information such as cost-basis, profit and loss (P&L) and more.

Octav’s user-editable dashboard and curated database, allow any DeFi trader to finally get an accurate picture of his portfolio to make better investment decisions. Then execute on those decisions by interacting directly with most EVM chains and protocols right in your dashboard.

Beta version of Octav is released!

Please give us your feedback! You can either contact us through Discord, Twitter or LinkedIn or leave us an improvement request on Canny.


2. Why Octav ?

The pain of DeFi investment oversight

The crypto ecosystem lacks proper monitoring tools to track all our DeFi investments. Once our trusty spreadsheets became too unwieldy to maintain, we went looking for better tools, but none of the solutions we looked at fit the bill. A few common failings we encountered, as DeFi traders, were:

  • Transaction limitations

  • Missing transactions/data due to investment dispersion,

  • Incorrect cost basis and P&L calculations,

  • Wrong and inaccurate data,

  • Incorrect transaction type labelling (even if the transaction type exists!),

  • Spam to be cautious with,

  • …and more!

3. The one-stop shop for all DeFi players

Connect your wallet to get real-time DeFi insights, anonymously with Octav, for free.

Improve your DeFi decision-making by connecting your wallet to Octav’s anonymous data analytics platform, which provides financial data such as cost-basis, profit and loss, and more.

Connect your wallet page
Connect your wallet page

Octav is anon friendly, no possible doxxing, no IP tracking, maximum privacy.

  • Sign in with EVM wallet;

  • No tracking of user information;

  • Bundle will be locally stored on your computer.

Dashboard: Your DeFi portfolio at a glance

Get comprehensive DeFi portfolio information, including cost basis, profit and loss, since your wallet creation, on Octav’s simple and easy to understand dashboard.

Dashboard view (2 chains selected)
Dashboard view (2 chains selected)

Here are quick highlights of Octav’s dashboard:

  • Portfolio key performance indicators like: total cost basis, total profit and loss (P&L), open and closed P&L, total fees, debt, cash balance, and more.

  • 7 main EVM networks (Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom).

  • All protocols in which there is a position, that you can click on to get more details.

Wallet view + close position button, within Octav
Wallet view + close position button, within Octav

Interact with main EVM chains and protocols to close your open positions directly from the Octav dashboard.

Transactions: Comprehensive transaction history of profit that you can edit if needed.

Track your crypto assets with ease. View your portfolio's entire history of profit and loss for every transaction you've ever made. You can edit pretty much any of the metrics for every transaction you made.

Transaction history view
Transaction history view

Octav is a transaction based data analytics platform, it means that it is deciphering the blockchain for you to get cost basis and P&L for each of your transactions. Moreover, each transaction can be edited based on your input to keep accuracy of your portfolio up to date. Here is the user editable info:

  • Transaction type,

  • Protocol,

  • Fees,

  • Asset/Token,

  • Asset quantity,

  • Asset price.

Transaction modal example - Swap
Transaction modal example - Swap

The user editable info is for your eyes only. Only you can see your changes and no one else.

Plus, you can export all your transactions since your wallet creation in a JSON file. To do so, mint Octav’s NFT to get premium subscription and gain access to additional exclusive features like, custom reports, web3 interactions and more.

Export all your transactions in a JSON file
Export all your transactions in a JSON file


Reports (coming soon): Customizable Report for Personal or Tax Needs

Generate reliable, customizable P&L and wallet transaction history reports, for personal or tax purposes. The all-in-one tool to enhance your DeFi activity.

Opportunities (coming soon):  Scan to Find Successful DeFi Assets

Enhance and facilitate your DeFi activity with the opportunity scanner to find the top performing DeFi assets and protocols matching your investment criteria.

Addresses (coming soon):  Multiple Wallet Tracker

Manage addresses you would like to follow in your address book or add addresses to create your bundle and get comprehensive portfolio profit and loss data.

Leaderboard (coming soon): Top Octav Ranking Users Worldwide

Friendly competition between Octav users based on several factors like the number of edited transactions for example. View the high score list and rank up!

4. What is the goal of the Beta?

We are building the backbone of Octav: a powerful database that will provide the best and most accurate portfolio information in the industry. To do so, we have created an evolving, user-curated database inspired by the open and creative spirit of the crypto ecosystem. But this is just the beginning and we are fully aware that the algorithm is not yet fine tuned. That's why we need your help. The more input we give to Octav, the better it works.

We want to collect your feedback and make sure the platform addresses your needs when it comes to tracking all your crypto investments.

For feedback you can:

☞ Leave a Request to our Canny.

☞ Contact us through our Discord, Twitter or LinkedIn.

5. Octav’s philosophy

★ We believe that to move as fast as the crypto ecosystem, we must abandon old thinking and gated databases.

★ We believe that creating tools to empower our users will bring us further than any other platform. They decide what information is important.

★ We believe that our approach will help us learn and adjust faster to the ever growing ecosystem.

★ Finally, we believe that true, accurate and editable information is crucial for any users that want to learn and grow in the world of cryptocurrency.


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