📚 Octav 101 - Getting started

Introduction to Octav

Octav is an anon-friendly, editable dashboard that helps you properly manage all your crypto transactions. Built for Degens, by Degens!

Note : Only Degens have access to the platform during the closed beta release, which means that you’ll need to be added to our Degen list to join the closed beta.


Access to the best of Octav

First thing’s first: to use the Octav dashboard just connect your favorite cryptocurrency wallet to the application using the “Connect Wallet” button on the website.

Connect your wallet
Connect your wallet

Then you just need to prove your wallet ownership by signing a message.

Now you’re ready to experience the full power of Octav!

Take a look at the elemental features

Octav offers you the ability to see your cost basis as well as your profit and loss. On your dashboard, you are able to see your entire transaction history without any restrictions. The Octav algorithm provides suggestions of how your transactions should be categorized, but you are free to edit the categorization as you see fit (See “Transaction Editing Feature” section below). As more people utilize Octav, the algorithm will learn to provide more accurate suggestions for all transaction types.

• Dashboard

A great candidate for your browser’s homepage, the Dashboard provides a holistic view of your DeFi portfolio, and tracks the following KPIs:

  • Net worth

  • Open P&L

  • Closed P&L

  • Total cost basis

  • Fees

  • NFTs (coming soon)

  • Debt (coming soon)

  • Cash balance (coming soon)

Dashboard view
Dashboard view

• Transaction history

Everything in Octav revolves around transactions. To put it simply, Octav is deciphering the transaction data provided by the blockchain, which means that 100% of your transactions will be captured by Octav and gathered in the Transactions section.

Transaction history
Transaction history

As just seen, you can edit pretty much any transaction info. 😎

Pending transaction means you need to edit some info
Pending transaction means you need to edit some info
  • If you see the red magnifying glass icon, it means that Octav is interpreting this transaction to the best of its knowledge but it needs your input. Simply click on it to edit and/or validate this specific transaction.

  • If you see the green check mark, everything is good! Octav was able to properly interpret, and categorize your transaction. No further action is required!

Transaction editing feature

Most importantly, Octav's main goal is to preserve your anonymity while you’re investing in DeFi. Every edit you make to price-related information is for your eyes only and it is impossible for other users to see your private inputs (e.g. asset price).

Furthermore, you can edit pretty much any transaction info including, but not limited to, transaction type, asset/token label, asset quantity and price, protocol, fees, and fiat fees. Ultimately, this is where the real magic of Octav occurs! Since Octav’s algorithm can receive input from its community, everyone can contribute to improve Octav’s algorithm.

There are two ways to contribute:

  1. Simply by editing your transaction. Our algorithm will refine its suggestion for other users as well as your future transactions.

  2. Open PRs in our public repository. During the bootstrapping phase, Octav needs a little more hands-on input. We’ve opened a public repository where any technical person can suggest a pull request.

Edit modal
Edit modal

Thanks to Octav’s edit function, you’ll have no more labeling issues. Your cost basis and P&L will reflect your actuals.

Edit your transaction type, protocol and token ticker
Edit your transaction type, protocol and token ticker

Finally, it will be possible to add manual entries to reflect external information which is not on the blockchain. This feature is coming soon!

Close positions feature

Interact with main EVM chains and protocols to close your open positions without having to go on a specific DApp (Octav started with EVM chains with the goal of integrating every chains).

Close your open positions
Close your open positions

If you want to know a bit more about Octav, you can take a look at this ‘how to’ introductory video.

Now let’s give it a try:


Built for Degens, by Degens

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