Octav Now Supports Cross-Chain NFT Portfolio Tracking

We’re thrilled to introduce Octav’s groundbreaking update — Cross-Chain NFT Tracking! Now, effortlessly manage your NFT investments across multiple chains, ensuring a seamless experience as you diversify your DeFi portfolio. Octav empowers you to stay on top of your NFT holdings, all within one comprehensive platform that combines tokens, NFTs, and protocol deposits.

What to Expect with Octav’s Cross-Chain NFT Journey

Unified Dashboard: Bid farewell to the hassle of navigating various dashboards or block explorers. Octav presents a unified dashboard where you can access your NFTs from different chains, effortlessly collating your diverse assets into one streamlined view.

Real-Time Insights: Stay in the know with real-time updates on the price movements of your NFT investments. Octav ensures you have your finger on the pulse of your portfolio’s value.

Effortless Selling: Sell your NFTs with ease, directly from Octav’s intuitive dashboard. No more jumping through hoops — Octav simplifies the selling process for your convenience.

Wallet Bundling: Streamline your experience even further by bundling multiple wallets that hold NFTs into one coherent dashboard. Octav ensures that you’re in control of your entire NFT landscape.

Track your NFT portfolio with Octav today.

NFT Portfolio Management on Octav

Here’s how to manage your NFT portfolio on Octav:

  1. Connect and Navigate: Log in to Octav and head to the NFT section.

  2. Automated Sorting: Your NFTs are smartly sorted from highest to lowest value, granting you instant clarity on your portfolio’s worth.

  3. Chain Filters: Toggle the chain icon to easily show or hide NFTs by specific chains, providing you with focused insights.

  4. Project Details: Dive into any NFT project to gain a comprehensive overview of the NFTs you’re holding for that particular project.

  5. Effortless Selling: Hover over any NFT and click “sell” if you’re looking to sell. Octav utilizes Reservoir to ensure you get the best market price possible.

Track your NFT portfolio with Octav today.

Future Updates

For now we have placeholders on each individual NFT to track the cost basis, and profit & loss. We are working tirelessly to properly implement the correct calculations for these stats to give you more information on your NFT portfolio. We expect to update our NFT section to include the calculations soon.

Join the Ultimate DeFi Portfolio Deciphering Platform

Embrace the future of NFT portfolio management with Octav. Stay tuned for more updates, enhancements, and innovations that will elevate your NFT journey.

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