Octav Secures $4M in Strategic Funding to Unlock the Potential of On-Chain Data

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in Octav's journey: a $4M strategic investment led by a crypto high net worth individual. This funding round is a testament to our mission to unlock the full potential of on-chain data through advanced machine learning, translating complex on-chain data into user-friendly outputs.

Empowering On-Chain Data with Machine Learning

Octav is at the forefront of on-chain data labeling and categorization. Our proprietary algorithm continuously improves its labeling capabilities with every on-chain data point validated, thanks to our cutting-edge machine learning models. These models have already achieved remarkable accuracy levels, enabling us to scale rapidly in the dynamic digital asset ecosystem.

A Collaborative Platform for Maximum Accuracy

Our platform stands out by offering a collaborative environment where users can curate and label on-chain data collectively. This network-driven approach ensures continuous fine-tuning of data, enhancing our "Brain's" efficiency over time and reducing the need for further validators' network expansion.

Focusing on Onboarding Protocol Treasuries

Octav has some high-profile clients, including Gelato, Request Finance and Alchemix. "We're helping Gelato reconcile over 6 million transactions across multiple treasury wallets.” CEO Mathieu Baril said. "Our machine learning based transaction labelling and ability to generate reports with 1 click is saving countless hours and resources for their finance team, helping them stay compliant in the most efficient way possible." he added.

Octav Token?

Asked if Octav plans to launch its native token anytime soon, Baril said the machine learning platform has always aimed to incorporate decentralisation once the machine learning models and proprietary data is open sourced, but it's still early days.

There are currently 14 full time employees working for Octav, primarily engineers, Baril said, adding that the machine learning platform looks to use some of the fresh capital to expand the marketing and sales team.

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