Newsletter: Octav Insight #1

Our mission is to simplify DeFi and help the community better understand their on-chain interactions, and serve as a pre-tax facilitator. We like to think of ourselves as the Turing machine that solves and unlocks the full potential of your DeFi portfolio.

Understanding all your DeFi interactions is the only way to get ahead of the rest of the community, and deciphering DeFi starts with an accurate DeFi data labeller. As a DeFi enthusiast, Octav helps you identify, decipher, and maximize your on-chain interactions.

If you are a trader, tax professional or liquid asset management firm, Octav serves as a pre-tax facilitator offering cost-basis, P&L & more for your clients so you can unlock new revenue potentials.

In this edition of Octav Insight, we’ll unveil our latest enhancements, introduce you to the faces behind Octav, and offer a glimpse of our upcoming DeFi-driven content series.

Decipher your DeFi portfolio with Octav today.

Fresh Look Unveiled

Introducing Octav’s new landing page, expanded wallet support, and refined performance — all aligned to enrich your DeFi experience and streamline your portfolio reconciliation.

Landing Refresh

Our freshly revamped landing page is a new sneak peak at the insights deciphered by Octav. We focused on emphasizing core features and included a new pricing page with a complete list of all of Octav’ bells and whistles.

Octav boosts your DeFi portfolio data analytics by:

  • Offering editable analytics

  • Calculating profit & loss for every transaction

  • Exporting your portfolio profits as a PDF or CSV

  • Automatically deciphering protocol interactions to reconcile your portfolio

Note: Validating your transactions on Octav helps train our Brain and earns you points to increase your ranking on our leaderboard. Points are used to enter Octav giveaways.

Extended Wallet Support

We upgraded our wallet authentication methods this morning, adding support for Rabby & WalletConnect 2.0. Our update offers more flexibility on how you can interact with Octav ensuring you’re in control regardless of your preferred wallet ecosystem.

Patches and Progress

We’ve diligently addressed bugs and fortified our platform for a smoother user experience. We refreshed our data in the background to ensure we can deliver more precise and faster data. The Brain will significantly improve as a result.

Unlock more insights from your DeFi portfolio today.

The Ethereal Encounter

We recently embarked on an enriching journey to ETHcc in July, delving into the heart of Ethereum’s vibrant community. Engaging with fellow pioneers and enthusiasts, we forged connections that fuel our commitment to excellence, and brought home enough merch to clothe an entire army!

Unveiling our Visionaries

Meet the minds steering Octav’s course toward deciphering and labeling all of DeFi.

Mathieu Baril

Mathieu is Octav’s Cofounder & CEO. With a crypto journey that began in 2012, Mathieu boasts over 7 years of product development mastery. As a Top 10 Degen on Degenscore, Mathieu spearheaded Zapper as a strategic lead before catalyzing Octav. An angel investor with DCV Capital and an avid kitesurfer, Mathieu’s spirit is as adventurous as his approach to crypto.

Luc Blackburn

Meet Luc, Octav’s Cofounder & CTO. He embarked on his crypto odyssey in 2012, founding a mining facility that still thrives. His 15-year software engineering voyage fortified him for Octav’s challenges. From automated test platforms at Accedian Network and Otodata to Octav’s tech helm, Luc’s journey is marked by resilience and a penchant for exquisite whiskeys.

Decipher your DeFi portfolio today.

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