The Real(ity) Deal: 15 Metaverse Terms To Help you Understand It Better

Surprise: There's a lot more to it!

  1. Virtual Teleportation

    Virtual Teleportation is a technology that allows two individuals to wear extended reality headsets and map their immediate surroundings (in 3D) via a photorealistic VR into each other’s view feed. Microsoft has used this technology to build their Holoportation experiences.

  2. Interoperability

    When an existing information is utilised by a computer, application, or software to access new information or derive an outcome, the ability to do so is called Interoperability. For example, a metaverse using data from the real world to mimic a VR rendition falls under interoperability.

  3. Digital Twins

    A digital twin is a digital representation in a digital ecosystem, of a real object from a real world, using a technology we often call simulation. For example, a simulated F1 car in a digital ecosystem is the digital twin of the real F1 car.

  4. Liminal Spaces

    Liminal Spaces are timelines and thresholds that you access within the metaverse that allows you to connect with your past (pre-fed data) and simultaneously envision a futuristic version of yourself.

  5. Extended Reality

    The technology to mirror the real world around you and extend possibilities within it, using AR and VR is called Extended Reality. The digital and the physical world are interlinked to each other within this ecosystem, also known as Mixed Reality.

  6. Virtual Reality

    The technology that lets you immerse yourself in a virtual world using a headset, while your motion and head movement is tracked to impact your experience, is called Virtual Reality.

  7. Mirror Worlds

    A rendition of the real world within a digital frontier is called a Mirror World. The world lets you be and behave in the same way as you would in a real world. You can interact, purchase and do more inside a mirror world.

  8. Portals

    Portal is often a page or a getaway for you to access something on the world wide web. Portals ushered people to web links and pages in the Web 2 era. In the Web 3 era, they are also taking people to Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality experiences.

  9. Holograms

    Within the world of immersive technology, holograms serve as the digital rendition of an exact real object or being, that is achieved by projecting 3D images on a physical surface, in the form of a simulation.

  10. Mixed Reality

    Achieved with the help of immersive technology, mixed reality is a shared eco-system wherein both physical objects and entities as well as virtual elements co-exist. For example, scanning an image with the help of an AR app can project its virtual, interactive form within a smart device.

  11. Augmented Reality

    The ability/technology to infuse digital images and information onto a real surface is called Augmented Reality. There’s usually a medium, such as a smart device or a projection device that usually assists in AR. For example, Pokemon Go works on Augmented Reality.

  12. Digital Goods

    Any good that is sold or transferred in digital form using digital surfaces is called Digital Goods. For example, an NFT or a movie purchased or rented on YouTube is a digital good.

  13. MMORPG

    MMORPGs or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games are competitive online (video) games that combine elements of role playing along with team-based battle arenas and have always been an esports favourite. World of Warcraft is an MMORPG title.

  14. Metaverse Wallet

    A close cousin of the blockchain wallet, Metaverse Wallets are loaded with more features than them. These wallets can be used to receive, store and trade digital goods and NFTs as well as create and issue smart assets.

  15. Metaverse Marketplace

    Within the digital ecosystem, any digital marketplace or store wherein you can buy and trade digital goods, virtual lands, in-game assets and NFTs is called a Metaverse Marketplace. Decentraland is a metaverse marketplace.

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