Community Rediscovered
August 25th, 2022

Today, we live in a world where there are more imaginary lines that divide us, than safe spaces that bring us together. People live, work and play in silos based on their interests, their expertise and the social class they belong to.

Here at ARC, we believe Web3 is an equaliser that will reset social spaces completely. Boundaries will be broken down and groups of people with different backgrounds and interests can come together. We are actively building a community rooted in this belief.

We see ARC as a bridge to the future; a bridge where members with differing interests, ideas, skill sets, backgrounds, and knowledge can connect, collaborate, and create value collectively as a community. With the ethos and tools of web3, collaboration between individuals and groups of people will be enabled in a way that has not been possible before.

Just like an arch that derives its strength from every block holding the entire structure together, every individual will be seen as a valuable contributor to the community. Ongoing contributions from individual members will accrue over time to uplift all of us and the value of the community.

To build such a community, fostering a deep sense of trust in each other is key. That is why the first stage of our membership process involves Pyxis, an account-bound token that can only be minted after an authentication of your profile.

ARC is the doorway through which members can discover a new world – a thriving and engaged digital community that cuts across Asia, one that gets our members to do things together and create value together.

When we say “Community Rediscovered”, we mean bringing people together, pooling resources to connect, collaborate and co-create, and doing all that while having one hell of a blast.

Our Shared Belief:

Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much”.

Our Shared Purpose:

Collective value creation via collaboration and co-creation.

We are committed to:

  1. Curating a diverse community that cuts across different interests, expertise, backgrounds, and social classes

  2. Fostering a safer and kinder space to nurture a sense of belonging

  3. Giving our members a voice and enabling different modes of contribution and collaboration across the community

  4. Providing shared access to the community’s resources and networks

  5. Making value creation and value re-distribution fair and accessible to members

NFTs as proof of membership are a means to an end for us to achieve the goals above. We’re not a Web3 community, we’re a community that taps on Web3 tools to bring our vision to life.

Our Values:

  1. Being community and contribution-minded

  2. Embracing diversity

  3. Staying open-minded and empathetic

  4. Giving value to receive value

  5. Infinite growth & play

What We Envision for ARC:

ARC seeks to build a borderless ‘city in the cloud’ where members with differing interests, ideas, skill sets, backgrounds, and knowledge can connect, collaborate, and create value collectively as a community.

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