Introducing Boomerang: The Community Management Platform for Web3

An airdrop here, a whitelist contest there, drop your ENS here… OK, boomer.

Wait what? There’s a better way. Let us explain.

A keystone in web3 is community ownership: Individuals help make the communities they are part of more valuable with their time, attention and dedication. As such, they should share in the success of those communities through ownership.

Giving ownership to community members, doesn’t only benefit them - it is the communities themselves that benefit the most from giving ownership to the right people. “The right people” being those who are intrinsically motivated - that is, not involved solely for financial gains or external rewards.

It is the people who are aligned with your mission, whether because of their personal or professional goals, or other internal reasons, you want to reward and nurture to keep them part of your community. The only communities that thrive in the long-run are those in which incentives are aligned.

The Role of Tokens: Incentives and Membership

In web3, tokens play a huge part in aligning incentives. Not only because of the potential financial gains when token price increases. More so, because tokens / NFTs function as memberships. They give access to benefits like social capital, professional growth, resources and status across different web2 and web3 platforms.

Why do some people hold on to NFTs worth a life-changing amount of money? Because they’re idiots (duh). Because they care more about the membership benefits it provides them than the financial gains they could get out of it.

So, arguably, one of the most important objectives for web3 teams is making sure tokens are in the hands of community members who are in it for the long haul. The second most important objective is giving that token benefits that keep members engaged.

Wen token?
Wen moon?
Can devs do something?

Frankly, we still suck at it.

Current airdrop and whitelist mechanics lead to mercenaries being disproportionately rewarded, while active community members earn less ownership than they should. Even if you’ve somehow managed to perfect your token distribution, there’s no easy way to manage membership benefits across platforms to encourage and reward ongoing participation.

Enter Boomerang.

Boomerang gives you a one-stop-shop for your community management needs. We track and connect interactions across web3 platforms, enabling you to find your most active community members. When you have this holistic overview of your community, you can use our dashboard to intuitively manage membership benefits like roles, access and tokens.

There are many teams building tools for all aspects of community management: POAP for attendance, Snapshot for governance proposals, Coordinape for recognition of contributions, Wonderverse for project management… And the tech suite for community managers will only expand as more protocols take off.

Boomerang is the layer that connects all those platforms.


  • Mix & match the actions you find valuable to sort your member list (i.e. show all wallets that have done X + Y + Z)
  • Map Ethereum wallets to Discord handles
  • Assign roles in your Discord server based on cross-platform actions
  • Assign on-chain rewards based on cross-platform actions
  • Build user journeys that are automatically tracked and rewarded
  • Ready-to-use templates for onboarding, engagement, contests, NFT drops

Join us

We’re on a mission to build the toolkit necessary for web3 communities to thrive, and we’re doing so in public.

If you’re interested in being part of the journey, join our Discord! We’ll be adding contributors who actively participate to our core team.

And if you’re a web3 builder, community manager or marketer, check out the #early-access channel in our Discord to start using our alpha release 🚀

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