NowhereDAO Bi-weekly Update June Week 3-4, 2022

Project Progress

1. Join AlienSwap NFT Influencer Program 

On June 17th, Nowhere Dao joined the AlienSwap NFT Influencer Program, AlienSwap NFT is a community-based NFT marketplace. We have updated related information on Twitter, please feel free to check the updates.

2. Mt's Twitter Space

On June 16th, Nowhere are honored to participant @MtsNFTs Twitter Space Event, and discuss the theme: the ultimate utilities for NFT, shitposts with Mt’s and Conlab.

3. Announce NowhereDAO X Mt's Scholarship list

On June 15th, We have announced NowhereDAO X Mt's Scholarship list in our discord community and on twitter.

For more details:

4. Mt’s NFT Holders’ Benefits In NowhereDAO

To celebrate @MtsNFTs Mint, Mt's NFT Holders can receive nowhereDAO NFT airdrop!

Mt’s Website:

Mt’s Discord:

Mt’s is the new social NFT developed by @theconlab, and Mt's will redefine your social relationships.

Check NW NFT Holders benefits:

Community Progress

1. TOP 8 Twitter KOLs & Gems Rating

2. TOP 8 NFT Promoter

3. Top Crypto Gainers Today

4. Marketing Specialists

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