NowhereDAO Weekly Update April Week 1, 2022
April 11th, 2022

Project Progress

1. NFT Contracts Deployment

We have released nowhereDAO Regional Ambassador NFTs and class NFTs. We will now be deploying the NFT smart contract, a necessary infrastructure to interact with the greater nowhereDAO Ecosystem. After the deployment, nowhere will be able to correctly mint and distribute NFT rewards to our members based on the NFT contracts.

2. NFT Videos Released

As the entire community eagerly waits for Nowhere NFTs, we could not be more excited to throw the NFTs open for those who have constantly showered their love and support on this project. We have updated two videos to introduce our class NFT.

As introduced in the videos, accumulation makes great things happen. The more contribution points you accumulate, the higher the level of NFT that can be redeemed.
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3. NFTs Redeem Rules for Contributors Update

By participating in community events, users can accumulate contribution points to earn different levels of NFT and unlock the corresponding benefits. Now the rules for contributors NFT have been released. Through the rules, you can look into how to redeem your NFTs.


1. Third Pump Signal Spotted From NowhereDAO Chief Analyst

Thanks to our community chief analyst @CryptoLinns published an epic pump signal of $EKT on April 10th. Many community members engaged and generated up to 63% profit. Thank you all for participating and if you made a profit, congratulations!

Up to now, the NohwereDAO discord community has held three pumps:
**1. $TNB 75% Rise

  1. $SOC 100% Rise
  2. $EKT 63% Rise**
    Can't wait to see you all for the next one! Join our discord community for more pump signals. Let's see what we can do, try and get as much volume as possible!

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Community Progress

1. Community Contributors Exceeded 100

NowhereDAO has reached 100 community contributors! We value our community, especially members who choose to contribute to the project directly. We would like to thank our beloved community for supporting the project. Now we are upwards and onwards. We appreciate all of your contributions and look forward to the road ahead.

2. Genesis Registration Event

To inspire the early builders to join our community, we host a great Genesis Registration Event! To participate, you must complete all the tasks listed in our Telegram bot:

Prize details:

  1. Every qualified participant will receive a NowhereDAO Builder NFT
  2. 1320 usdt (for top 260)

Entries Ranking:

  1. Top 100 Referrers will receive additional 10 USDT each
  2. 160 Lucky winners will receive additional 2 USDT each

Event duration: April 8, 2022 — April 16, 2022


After the airdrop ends, we will check and verify all the steps you completed and transfer your tokens to the wallet address you provided in our Telegram bot.

3. Token Signal Airdrop Held by Chief Analyst  Successfully Finished

Genesis Airdrop held by our Chief Analyst @CryptoLinns comes to its end on April 3rd. After validating the gleam results, he has posted the winners on our discord and his Twitter(@CryptoLinns). Congratulations and thank you for all of the participants’ support, and the prizes have been distributed.

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Valid winners:

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