NowhereDAO Essay Contest

At the Spark of Epiphany Event on May 25th, the committee member of the community LewisWeb3 丨 NowhereDAO#8469 proposed an essay contest and the proposal was passed by the community through discussion, check out the event details.

💬Essay Topic:

What is the NowhereDAO in your eyes? What would the ideal NowhereDAO look like in the future?

Write an essay about NowhereDAO from your personal perspective and give your opinion

💰 Reward Pool - $300

🥇 $150
🥈 $100
🥉 $50

⏳ Time: May 26th - May 31st

📝 Requirements:

✅Submit in #🏛acropolis channel

✅ No language limitation, ≥150 words in English, ≥200 words in Chinese

✅ Your article needs to include the article topic and the invitation link of NowhereDAO

✅ Write your eaasy in medium or mirror or other article platform

✅ Post your article link in the announcement comment with #nowhereDAO and your Discord username


✅Essay needs to be original

❌No copying of NowhereDAO's white papers

🧑‍⚖️ Assessors:

Nowhere_ Brown#1030
LewisWeb3 丨 NowhereDAO#8469
Crypto Line#2977

📭 If you have any suggestions and proposals, please tell us in the communtiy.

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