NowhereDAO Weekly Update June Week 2, 2022

Part 1:

1. NowhereDAO X @MtsNFTs Scholarship Program

Mt's Scholarship is a team of managers/creators who offer free Mt's Invitation Codes to scholars/players/guardian. 
The Scholars can use these Mt's Invitation Codes to earn ETH rewards on behalf of Mt's Builder.

The Application period is from June 5th to June 10th.Hurry and join in!

Anyone can become a Mt's Scholar to earn Mt's NFT and ETH

Application period: 2022.6.5 - 2022.6.10

More Application Details:

2. Spark of Epiphany Activity

To promote communication among NowhereDAO community members, we have hosted  Spark of Epiphany Activity and finished discussion topics twice this week with rich rewards of Mt’s NFT whitelist*1 & $50. The activity was such a great success that our community members actively participated in the discussion and expressed their views on the issue. Topics are as follows.


Day 16: What’s @MtsNFTs?

Based on the scholarship programme, we held a special discussion session on Mt's NFT to let community members know more about Mt's NFT.

Day 17:  Can you do the job of a Mod?

3. Join Mt’s Twitter Space

On June 8th, We are honored to be a partner in Mt's Twitter Space Event, the theme of this event is Yell @ each other, the loudest win WL. Please feel free to check the updates.

For more details:

Part 2: Community Progress

1. TOP 10  Gem Hunters Track

On June 6th, we updated the TOP 11 Marketing Specialists on Twitter. Please feel free to check the updates.

More detail:

2. TOP 8  Crypto KOL

On June 8th, we updated the TOP 8 Crypto KOL on Twitter. Please feel free to check the updates.

More detail:

3. TOP 15 Social NFTs

On June 11st, we updated the TOP 15 Social NFTs  on Twitter. Please feel free to check the updates.

More detail:

4.  NowhereDAO Mod team

Through all our efforts, our community is growing stronger! We have now formed the #NowhereDAO Mod team and we must thank every member that was with us and helped build our community!

More detail:

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