NowhereDAO X Mt's Scholarship Program

What is a Mt's Scholarship?

Mt's Scholarship is a team of managers/creators who offer free Mt's Invitation Codes to scholars/players/guardian. 
The Scholars can use these Mt's Invitation Codes to earn ETH rewards on behalf of Mt's Builder.

NowhereDAO X Mt's Scholarship Program
NowhereDAO X Mt's Scholarship Program

🗓️Application period: 2022.6.5 - 2022.6.10

🎟️Invitation code distribution time: 1 day after Mt's NFT launch


1. Follow NowhereDAO Twitter & Mt's Twitter.
Join NowhereDAO community & Mt's community

2. Fill in the Mt's scholarship application form

3. NowhereDAO will reply by email after the scholar has been approved

4. Scholars need to contact the NowhereDAO community admin for verification and claim Free Mt's NFT mint invitation code
(or you need to mint NFT to generate your invitation code)

5. The Scholars use the invitation code to invite newcomers to mint Mt's NFT

6. When the invitation code accumulate 8 invitations to mint Mt's NFT, the Scholars can claim the NFT award

7. Contact the NowhereDAO Community Admin for verification if qualified to claim NFT award

8. Provide ETH address after verification and wait for the NFT to be distributed

Mint Awards

Scholars will be rewarded 24% of the newcomers' mint cost for each successful invitation and mint.
The reward will be accumulated to the NFT to which the invitation code belongs, and successful scholars will be rewarded with both NFT and ETH.

Scholar Application Assessment Dimensions:

1. Number of NowhereDAO NFTs acquired

2. Number of NowhereDAO contribution points earned

3. Number of NowhereDAO events attended

4. Number of community daily message

5. Number of invitations to join the NowhereDAO community

6. Frequency of interaction with the NowhereDAO Twitter


The NowhereDAO X Mt's Scholarship Programme is an act of the NowhereDAO.The final right of interpretation rests with NowhereDAO.

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