NowhereDAO Weekly Update March Week 4, 2022
March 29th, 2022

Project Progress

1. Ambassador NFT Design Completed

NowhereDAO’s experienced regional ambassadors provide us with solid help. To thank all ambassadors, we will distribute Ambassador NFT in the following week.

2.Identity NFT System Finished

NowhereDAO has developed an identity system for DAO members. People can claim their own identity NFT according to their contribution. Names and designs of different identity NFTs will be soon released.

3.Special Contributor NFT Design Completed

NowhereDAO also gives unique NFT to our special contributors. More details of  NowhereDAO NFT will be released soon. Please stay tuned for the latest updates.

Campaigns & Community

1.NowhereDAO Genesis Airdrop Successfully Finished

NowhereDAO Genesis Airdrop comes to its end on March 23rd. After validating the gleam results, we have posted the winners on our discord and Twitter. Looking forward to seeing contributions from the new blood of NowhereDAO!

Check details of the campaign:
NowhereDAO Genesis Airdrop Winners:

2.Call for Making NowhereDAO Intro Video

We are honored to have support from worldwide so that NowhereDAO grows into an amazing community in a short time. Now it’s time to let more people know us - make intro videos about NowhereDAO, post your video in the community, and get extra contribution points! Videos in minority languages are especially welcomed.

Here are two videos we have received for example:

English - made by Crypto Centralis

French - made by Bede Chike

NowhereDAO discord video channel:

3.Pump Signal Spotted From nowhereDAO Analyst

We are delighted to announce that on March 27th, NowhereDAO analyst Crypto Line spotted a pump signal of $TNB. Many community members engaged and generated up to 75% profit.

4.Token Signal Airdrop Hosted by Crypto Line

To celebrate the success of the first pump signal, NowhereDAO analyst @CryptoLine is holding a token signal airdrop. Register Huobi account and complete the gleam to win tickets to the second signal and share $5,000!

Register Huobi via the link:


For more details, please see:

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