NowhereDAO March 31st AMA Recap

We’d like to say massive thanks to all of you who joined the our first AMA on 31st March 2022 at C. I. COMMUNITY. We appreciate all your support.

Segment 1 Introduction

  • At the beginning would you like to introduce yourself?

    A: I'm Chole and I’m a crypto enthusiast with experience in trading and marketing for many years. Initially some crypto friends and I, we started a crypto discussion group, as more and more people joined so we wanted to make it an orderly organisation with rules, so we developed it into nowhere DAONowhere is a DAO organisation, in which everyone is regarded as a team member. In nowhereDAO everyone is a contributor, and everyone is a beneficiary.

  • Could you describe us about your project nowhere DAO. What is your project about and how can we see it in action?

    A: First of all we can't define nowhere as a project, it's more like representing a colony. We have experienced the transition from the traditional to the crypto world, crossed ethnic and regional boundaries, we are nowhere.Ultimately we converge here because of the common belief. NowhereDAO is a free and equal information interaction organisation where everyone can create and share content. All information is now presented in discord: Here you only need to devote your time and effort to gain rewards.
    Our website has been developed by the technical volunteers and is being tested internally, it will soon be available to the community. At that time we will migrate the content creation and presentation from community to the website, which will also be more convenient for members to use.

  • What's the motivation for starting this project?

    A: Few organisations in the crypto market put grassroots users first, and nowhereDAO is all about solving the plight of ordinary people in the crypto market. Are you passionate about crypto but not understood? Do you like to share your crypto experiences but are always ignored? Are you focused on the primary market but can't find value investing? Are you entangled in the secondary market but lack trading experience? Are you always following in the footsteps of capital without getting anything in return?

  • What is the role of token in your ecosystem? Could you tell us a bit about the tokenomics of your project?

    A: NowherDAO is an autonomous organisation and therefore NWD is the most important part of the nowhere ecology, as well as the unique token. The members need to hold NWD to participate in community governance. In the future, a high-quality content display section will be available, which costs NWD to get access to. It is also a way to protect the copyrights for content creators. Tasks released by project teams and organisations also need NWD in order to be promoted inside the NowhereDAO. There are many possibilities of NWD application scenes being created by the community in the future.

  • Can you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results nowhere DAO has achieved so far? And any sneak peek into 2022 plans for nowhereDAO? *

    A: Please check our roadmapPhase 1: PoS of Content Contribution22.02-Product1.0 Discord community functions on live22.03-Website showcase partly online22.03-Global Networking Influencer Alpha Test22.03-User incentive program drafted and released22.04-Product2.0 Full version of NowhereDAO website on live, including the functional station22.05-Influencer Promotion Alpha-basedPhase 2: Tokenomics Released-Consumption Mechanism & Empowerment22.06-Global resource parties integration and collaboration22.Q3-NowhereDao  Token(DEX) live 22.Q3-NowhereDao Token(CEX) live22.Q3-DAO upgrading, Regional SubDAO operation on live, global nodes deployed
    Phase 3: Application Scenes Enriching & Strategic Global Promotion
    22.Q4-Product3.0 DAPP and related stream media released22.Q4-Offline Series: DAPP Publication Tour

Segment 2 Twitter Questions

  • It is known that each NFT card has its value for authenticity, but in addition to that, will there be ratings of limited edition cards and other less attractive cards

    A: The types of NFT are divided into: Level NFT, Exclusive ID NFT, Regional Ambassador NFT, Special Contribution NFT... General NFT rating from low to high: Quark, Quantum, Aerolith, Hypernova, Stellar, Nebulae, which used to distinguish the degree of contribution, and obtain the corresponding Token through different grade Rewards, and the rights and interests enjoyed by different levels will also be different; Exclusive ID NFT: used for job application, through application to become different roles in the community, such as: video creator, artist, KOL, etc.; Regional Ambassador NFT: This NFT is an identity Symbol, an exclusive NFT that can only be owned by local members through submission to the committee; Special Contribution NFT: Participate in community website construction, design, special NFT that early participants are eligible to obtain.

  • So many projects just like to speak about the "long term vision and mission" but what are your short terms objectives, What are you focusing right now?

    A: NowhereDAO is a free and equal information interaction organisation. In the short term, we hope find quality content, experienced and like-minded partners on the platform. Nowhere DAO will focus more on people and develop with people at its core. People don't need to invest, they just need to give their time and experience to be rewarded. The reward rules currently in place were discussed and developed by early participants and are therefore still being tested for the feasibility. We would like as many members as possible to participate in the testing and appeal suggestions to the Governance Committee. With the principle of respecting the contributions of community members, we will reward members who contribute to the community in the form of contribution points, which can be redeemed for NFTs and tokens.

  • Can you indicate a feature or feature that you like best about the @nowhereDAO platform so that it can compete with other competitors?

    A: We are an egalitarian and transparent DAO from the start, where all decisions and directions of nowhereDAO are discussed and voted on by community committee. Meanwhile, we are recruiting devs, influencers, advocates and admins from all over the world. We are trying our best to make nowhereDAO a truly decentralized organization, without a centralized structure, where anyone can be a part of it. This is the best way to spread nowhereDAO and educate members when our belief creates a consensus on spirituality.

  • Partnerships is one of important factors for every project. Could you name some of your partners? What are the benefits that you get from them? And is there any partnership that will be established in near future?

    A: Our partners are composed of every member of the community. People are always looking for valuable investments, but there is a limit to what an individual can do and one can't sift through thousands of projects to find a good one. In nowhereDAO you can share your opinion and thousands of members will validate your opinion. According to our rules, you can get higher contribution points if your message is recognised by members to accelerate the rate of growth.

  • Currently, most projects and platforms are in English. How will project reach non-English local communities. Make it easy for people around the world to use your service. Do you have any plan to develop project in different language?

    A: We are a global organisation and our early participants are also elites from all over the world. Secondly, we are always recruiting ambassadors from all regions of the world:, ambassadors will have exclusive NFT rewards.
    In the future, token rewards will be added according to the regional population management. 13 ambassadors from around the world have already joined nowhereDAO and  are already available in most of the world's languages in the community.

Segment 3 Live Questions

  • Can you tell us what are all the ways to earn money at nowhereDAO?

    A: The NowhereDAO Token is 100% distributed to the community, including NFTs, which you can obtain in the following ways:1.The corresponding contribution pts are obtained through the community contribution guidelines. After the contribution pts accumulated a certain amount, the corresponding Level NFT can be obtained.2.Certain Level NFT will bring individuals a certain amount of NowhereDAO token allowance.3.Apply for certain community positions and obtain exclusive ID NFT.4.Participating in the Nowhere building, such as design, website/frontend/products developing, etc, can obtain Special Contribution NFTs.5.Obtain Tokens directly by participating in projects and tasks issued by organisations;6.Obtain Token airdrops through early community building.7.Collaboration partners will buy the Nowhere tokens (as bounty) to release tasks in the community. and members can grab the bounties by completing tasks.
    *Premium projects will also offer bonuses. Chance to win their project token airdrops, whitelist quotas and opportunities to get involved as early participants.

  • As you said on one of your social media accounts, that NFT is the hottest topic right now with Creators & Organizations alike venturing into this space. So, Can you tell us how your NFT will get decentralized to the real world?

    A: I think our NFTs have the most NFT equity attributes. The acquisition of NFTs is distributed and minted according to the contribution level achievements. The higher the equity of NFTs, the easier the value of people who own NFTs will be recognized, and the satisfaction of the spiritual level.

  • Since NFT is popular nowadays, is there a plan for NFT integration?

    A: The NFT is a symbol of NowhereDAO status. You can get rank NFT through community contribution rules, apply for status as a Nowhere ambassador, video creators, KOLs etc. can get exclusive status NFT and for contact contributors can get special NFT.

  • Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us?

    A: This is our YouTube channel: You can view videos produced by ambassadors from all regions in our discord:
    Or if you are interested you can come to the community and apply to be a video creator and create a video for the community and you will be rewarded by NFT at the same time.

  • Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of TOKEN in short term instead of Understanding the real value of the PROJECT. Can you tell US ON MOTIVATIONS and benefits for investors to hold your TOKEN in long term?

    A: First of all, the Token is completely distributed to the community members, and anyone can obtain the Token through the community contribution-point-guideline. The value of Token depends on the consensus of community members, and the development direction is determined through the community governance committee, which gives Token application scenarios, further empowering Token.

Segment 4 Quiz

  • In order of ranking from lowest to highest, what is the name of the junior NFT?

    A: Quark

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