Invitation Campaign for Genesis NFTs
March 9th, 2022

The NowhereDAO is an encryption enthusiasts alliance. We rally together the world's best analysts, investment research experts, NFT collectors and artists.

As an open-minded and harmony platform, every task will become the proof of your community contribution, resulting in Contribution Points reward.

Time and value will become true treasure that can change your life.

Invite your friends, become ambassadors, and receive your exclusive NFTs.

Invites Ranking Bounties:

#1 Promoting Ambassador NFT

#2 Genesis NFT-The Quark

#3 50 Contribution Points(CPs)

#4-#5 20CPs

#6-#10 10CPs

#11-#50 5CPs

(check the designated Discord channel for ranking status)

Note: The accumulated Contribution Points can get NFT rewards, and the CPs obtained by the this campaign will be accumulated into the community CPs.

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