Introduction of nowhere DAO discord
March 15th, 2022

Nowhere DAO aims to To be the No. 1 DAO by providing Supply/Demand pairing solution, hence nowhere DAO will be a crypto-related aggregation where everyone can access crypto information.

Members will be rewarded for contributing&delivering content to the community.

Contents contributed&delivered by community members will be currently presented on the discord, learn the use of community channels from the introduction below.

nowhere DAO discord channels guidelines
nowhere DAO discord channels guidelines

nowhere DAO discord is divided into 10 sections

1.START HERE: get to know nowhere DAO

2.HOW TO EARN: tutorials of earning NFT and tokens

3.DISCUSSION: chatting room

4.APPLICATION: apply regional ambassadors & analyst & other stastus

5.TASK PUBLISHING: pick tasks and complete them to earn contribution points

6.TRADING SIGNAL: analyst dedicated post channels, all members can view market analysis & token signals

7.DEDICATED POST: status members dedicated post channels, all members can view all kinds of post

8.DAILY POST: opens for all members in nowhere DAO, all members can shares everything related crypto

9.RATING: check your community level & invivation number/rank & NFT achievement

10.HUOBI WELFARE: nowhere DAO 20% exclusive commission link

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