NowhereDAO Weekly Update May Week 3, 2022
May 25th, 2022

Project Progress

1.Spark of Epiphany Activity

To promote communication among NowhereDAO community members, we have hosted  Spark of Epiphany Activity and finished  discussion topics four times this week with  rich rewards of  CPs & NFTs. The activity was such a great success that our community members actively participated in the discussion and expressed their views on the issue. Topics are as follows.

Day 8:What's the role of DAOs in Web3? /What's the primary advantage of a DAO?

Day 9: How NowhereDAO unites people against a market manipulated by capital?

Day10: Should we continue the Spark of Epiphany? If so, what's the future plan?

Day 11: How to get more people aware of and involved in the discussion events?

2.Launch giveaway for notokaybears

We are delighted to tell you that  NowhereDAO purchased a @Not_OkayBears. We want to gather power from average people who trust & passionate #web3, we fight against opensea and capitals in any form.

This time we are giving 10 #NotOkayBears NFTs. Quickly join it's-ok-bears channel in discord!

3. The Round IV NFTs Distribution

New members make our NowhereDAO team stronger and powerful!

We are honored to announce that we have completed the Round I, II, III NFTs distribution, including Event NFTs, Daily Tasks NFTs and Newly member NFTs.

As stated in the rules, we'll be distributing special prizes to the Top 10 of issue 1, check if you're on the ranking list!

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Marketing Progress

1. Top Crypto Gainers Today

On May 20th, we updated the Top Crypto Gainers Ranking on Twitter. With the increasing need that all investors and cryptocurrency lovers want to share their investment experiences freely, NowhereDAO will provide users information at a premium and crypto-market investing advice.

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2. Gem Hunters Track

On  May 19th, we updated Gem Hunters Track on Twitter. Congratulations to the 30 winners!Please feel free to check the updates.

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3. Female  Power in Crypto

On  May 19th, we updated the Female Power in Crypto on Twitter. Congratulations to the nine winners!Please feel free to check the updates.

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4.Community Joint

We are very delighted that a new channel added in our discord community named gamefi-saloon.The specific chat are Whale-Insights- chat,meta-starry-chat,flower-lab-chat,BDD-Venture-chat.

Community Progress

Twice Pump Signal Spotted From NowhereDAO Chief Analyst

Thanks to our community chief analyst @CryptoLinns published an epic pump signal of $GMT on May 18th. Many community members engaged and generated up to 91.43% profit. And he published another pump signal of $FTM on May 17th, our discord members engaged and generated up to 52.34%.

Thank you all for participating and if you made a profit, congratulations!

Can't wait to see you all for the next one! Join our discord community for more pump signals. Let's see what we can do, try and get as much volume as possible!

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