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What is NowhereDAO?

Nowhere is an alliance of crypto-market enthusiasts, and NowhereDAO is the platform for Nowhere. With the increasing need of creating an autonomous sphere for all investors and cryptocurrency lovers who want to share their investment experiences freely, NowhereDAO will provide users information at a premium and crypto-market investing advice.


Over NowhereDAO, users can find their like-minded friends and partners, with whom they can share their investing experiences and break the barriers of information difference. In this community, users can express their opinions on an equal basis. NowhereDAO is committed to building a leading DAO for every crypto-market participant who wants to find their ideal mentors or investing partners. This is a place where all racial and religious boundaries will be removed and everyone can make a contribution in building a utopia for cryptocurrency investment.

Vision: To be the No. 1 DAO by providing Supply/Demand pairing solutions.

Values: Gather Energy & Transfer Value, Selfless dedication, harmony, equality, mutual respect and love.

Our Solution to Difficulties in the Blockchain Industry

Why Nowhere?

Nowhere aims to establish a domain where outstanding people in the crypto industry can group together and find partners, and newcomers to this field can acquire valuable knowledge and experiences from. There will be a whole incentive system on NowhereDAO to encourage people to share and communicate as a community.

How to Participate

Step 1:Join nowhere DAO discord:

Step 2: Earn contribution points by participating in community events

Step 3: Accumulate contribution points for NFT

Step 4: Redeem $NWD rewards

How to Participate
How to Participate

NowhereDAO NFT

The NFT in Nowhere is a symbol of status, and different NFT statuses enjoy different rights. Owners of different NFTs can claim different amounts of $NWD.

Each primary identity NFT requires 100 contribution points to mint, and different activities in the community will produce a certain amount of points. You can earn different levels of NFT and unlock the corresponding benefits by accumulating contribution points.


On NowhereDAO, the only governance token is the $NWD, and all will go to the community. The $NWD can be exchanged by a certain amount of NFT. Holding the identity NFT and a certain amount to $NWD enables users to participate in the community governance, with equal voting rights.

Our DAO Sections

Besides the ordinary missions which users can finish on a daily basis, users can apply for and work as a contributor to the following channels:

  1. MEME: Users can make MEME on NowhereDAO in the MEME channel.
  2. Market information: Users can act as the “broadcasters” to post or broadcast news related to the market.
  3. Event explanation: Users can take on the role as the commentator talking about recent hot topics and events and sharing their own opinions.
  4. Nowhere ambassador: Users can post recruitment information on social media to promote the Nowhere community.
  5. Market analysis: Users can choose to analyze either BTC, ETH or Altcoins.
  6. Investment and research report: In this channel, users can draft reports as a project investigator.
  7. Token signal: Analysts in this channel conduct research on different token trading signals.
Our DAO Sections
Our DAO Sections

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