NowhereDAO Weekly Update April Week 4, 2022
May 3rd, 2022

Project Progress

1. The Round Ⅰ NFTs Distribution

As the entire community eagerly waits for NowhereDAO NFTs, we are delighted to announce that we have completed the Round Ⅰ NFTs distribution, including Class NFTs, Regional Ambassador NFTs, builder NFT, special edition NFT Romeo Chips and event NFTs. Thanks to those who have constantly showered their love and support on this project.

Also, We have updated the NowhereDAO opensea page, please feel free to check NowhereDAO NFT on the website below.

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NowhereDAO Opensea Page:


1. Pump Signal Spotted From NowhereDAO Chief Analyst

Thanks to our community chief analyst @CryptoLinns published an epic pump signal on April 29th. The pump token $DIO rised 55.71% in just  2 mins! Many community members engaged and generated up to 83% profit. Join our discord community for more pump signals.

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Our Discord:

Community Progress

1. First Collaborative AMA with ApeX

On April 27th, NowhereDAO held the first collaborative AMA with @OfficialApeXdex. After introducing the advantages and features of Apex in detail, ApeX team members answered some live and preordained questions and received a warm welcome from all members of the community.

This is a recap of the entire session, in case you missed it:

2. Gem Hunter Track

On April 27th, we updated the Gem Hunter Track on Twitter. Check this graph and find out what projects these gem hunters are tracking.

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3. Web3 Tools Inventory

On April 28th, we updated Web3 Tools Inventory on Twitter. From Web2 to Web3, from centralized to decentralized, the tools we use have changed a lot. Check this graph and find out the new trends.

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4. Top 8 Metaverse Coins With KOLs

On May 1st, we updated Top 8 Metaverse Coins With KOLs on Twitter. The advent of metaverse has steered the whole cryptocurrency market trend in 2022 into a new direction. Please feel free to check this graph and find out what coins are in trend.

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4. NowhereDAO X HangOut NFT Giveaway to Give Back to our Community

We’re looking to give back to our community in a big way with the Hangout Ethereum Flatland Round-1 to those who have been with us on this ongoing journey of ours.

1️⃣Follow @HangoutMeta & @nowhereDAO
2️⃣Retweet & @ 3 friends
3️⃣Join the

Win: 1X Land Giveaway & 10X Whitelist Giveaway

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4. Community Task Participants Reached 145

The community is the heart and soul of NowhereDAO, providing a strong foundation that drastically improves the likelihood of our success. Until now, the number of community task participants has reached 145. Thanks to all the participants, your active participation energizes the community!

Nowhere DAO NFT and Token can be obtained by nowhere DAO community contribution. Join our discord community and participate in the development of NowhereDAO to earn your contribution points!


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