Spark of Epiphany Activity
May 8th, 2022

⏰Issue 1: May 9th - May 15th

💰Prize Pool: $860 + Romeo Chips NFT*45

💭Venue: nowhereDAO discord Acropolis Channel:

🗓️Topic Schedule

May 9: What is a DAO?

May 10: What role you can play in a DAO community? What would you like to be rewarded for?

May 11: How do you think about Web3 and what changes will it bring to your life?

May 12: What is the essential infrastructure for Web3?

May 13: Please recommend a Web3 project and why you recommend it?

May 14: What do you think is the future direction of Web3?

May 15: How can ordinary people grasp the opportunities of web3?

How to participate in Spark of Epiphany👇

1. Follow @nowhereDAO

2. Join nowhereDAO Discord

How to win prize👇

1. Participate in topic discussions


  1. The topic must be discussed in the Acropolis Channel
  2. The content posted in the channel must be related to the topic, otherwise it will be considered invalid


30 Contributions Points for each member participated in the discussion

Quota: Unlimited persons /day

2. Topic Leader


  1. You must participate in the discussion of the day's topic in Acropolis Channel
  2. Community members can add reactions to show their support, and the 5 members with the most reactions will divide equally prize pool


$100 + Romeo Chips NFT *5 in total for 5 Topic Leaders

3. Social Media Post


  1. Post the topic related contents on your social media platform
  2. Contents must include the topic, @nowhere, and use the hashtag #nowheredao
  3. Send post link to the corresponding channel in nowhereDAO Discord according to the form of the post content (text /image /text and image /video)


Text posts - 20 Contribution Points
Image posts - 25 Contribution Points
Text and image posts - 30 Contribution Points
Video posts - 35 Contribution Points

Quota: Unlimited persons /day

4. Ranking

We accumulate and rank the Contribution Points of for participants of Spark of Epiphany.

The 10 participants with the highest contribution points at the end of this issue will win the rewards.


No.1 $50 + Romeo Chips *1

No.2 $30 + Romeo Chips *1

No.3 $20 + Romeo Chips *1

No.4-No.10 $10 + Romeo Chips *1 per person

🌟Cash rewards and NFT rewards will be distributed after Issue 1

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