Introducing “ Swap"

Today, we're excited to announce " Swap." A novel trading portal developed by experienced on-chain traders, our " Swap'' is here to simplify DeFi trading while making it as profitable as possible.

What is " Swap"?

It's a Wiskers’ invention designed to aggregate all the trading tools for seasoned traders, built on top of major DEXs. While existing DEXs serve as excellent platforms for facilitating DeFi trading, larger platforms often find it challenging to develop specific features catering to a smaller segment of users - the seasoned traders. Enter the DeFi " Swap" by Wiskers. We are here to offer advanced trading tools building on top of major DEXs’s liquidity pool, including  Uniswap and Sushi, with a range of unique features, all on one portal.

Key features of Wiskers “ Swap”:

⛽ Gas Token-Free Swaps: Bid farewell to the complexities of acquiring Gas Tokens. With Wiskers, gas fees are directly deducted from the asset you're swapping, eliminating the need for pre-acquired Gas Tokens.

✅ Guaranteed Execution: Frustrating issues like stuck or failed transactions are now a thing of the past. Our DEX " Swap" is integrated with Gelato's Executor for guaranteed execution in the next available block, ensuring you never lose gas fees unnecessarily.

🛡️ MEV Protection: Through strategic integration with Gelato, we enable automated transactions, including DEX trades. This significantly reduces the risk of Miner Extractable Value (MEV) extraction, thanks to rapid transaction bundling and execution.

🌐 Trade Across Multi-Chains: Wiskers DEX " Swap" empowers you to trade seamlessly across four different chains: Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and BNB Chain. Explore new opportunities and diversify your portfolio effortlessly.

💰 Low Transaction Fees: Our service ensures cost-effective trading, with a minimal fee of just 0.05% applied to all transactions. It's worth noting that we interact with Uniswap on the contract level, saving you front-end fees.

But there's more – the " Swap" also brings benefits to our $WSKR stakers! As a staker, you'll receive a share of the 0.05% fees collected on all transactions. This enhances the utility of the WSKR token by providing an additional revenue stream.

Experience the first-of-its-kind DeFi " Swap". Join us now and trade with confidence:

About Wiskers

Wiskers is an automated on-chain trading platform offering multiple trigger-based functionalities. With support for TradingView and contract event-based triggers, Wiskers seamlessly executes trades on decentralized exchanges (DEX) directly from Ethereum wallets. Operating across any EVM chain, Wiskers facilitates advanced trading strategies like limit orders and stop losses. Our latest product is Swap, an all-in-one trading portal for seasoned traders building on top of DEXs and Perps. The platform's utility token, $WSKR, enhances features, enables staking, and fosters user governance participation.

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