"Wiskers.trade Swap" Airdrop Campaign Is Live!

Trade on Wiskers and Share 2 Million $WSKR Tokens!

Following the successful launch of the "Wiskers.trade Swap" Trading Portal last week, we are excited to introduce our Airdrop Campaign. Traders who utilize the "Wiskers.trade Swap" or our triggers are eligible to share 2% of Wisker's total token supply - a total of 2 million $WSKR tokens. The airdrop is volume-based, so the more you trade, the more tokens you can earn!

How to Participate:

  • Duration: The Airdrop Campaign will run from February 6th to March 1st.

  • Eligibility: The airdrop is open to all users who trade through "Wiskers.trade Swap" or use our triggers, such as the TradingView trigger or Contract events trigger. Simply connect your wallet and start trading on Wiskers!

  • Volume Based: The more you trade, the more $WSKR you get! Keep track of your volume on the leaderboard.

  • Token Distribution: On March 1st, the airdrop tokens will be distributed to eligible participants directly into the wallets they used for trading on Wiskers.

  • Total Rewards: 2 million Wiskers tokens ($WSKR)

  • Double Your Volume: Trade on whiskers.trade on the last week of the airdrop campaign and watch your trading volume double!

    Duration: 26 Feb 00:01 EST to 7 March 23:59 EST

Total Rewards:

2 million Wiskers tokens ($WSKR)

Join now to claim your share of the rewards!

About Wiskers

Wiskers is an automated on-chain trading platform offering multiple trigger-based functionalities. With support for TradingView and contract event-based triggers, Wiskers seamlessly executes trades on decentralized exchanges (DEX) directly from Ethereum wallets. Operating across any EVM chain, Wiskers facilitates advanced trading strategies like limit orders and stop losses. Our latest product is Wisker.trade Swap, an all-in-one trading portal for seasoned traders building on top of DEXs and Perps. The platform's utility token, $WSKR, enhances features, enables staking, and fosters user governance participation.

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