Voyage Finance secures $1M funding in a pre-seed round to build a loan infrastructure for guilds to scale their gaming NFTs inventories.

Voyage Finance is thrilled to secure US$1 million in pre-seed funding from a select group of partners led by Delphi Ventures (@Delphi_Digital), with participation from BlockchainSpace (@Blockchain_SPC), PathDAO (@pathdao), Darryl Wang (@0xWangarian), Jason Choi (@mrjasonchoi), Gabby Dizon (@gabusch), State (@statelayer), 0xMaki (@0xMaki), Sam Kazemian (@samkazemian), Tascha Punyaneramitdee (@tascha_panpan), Nick Tong (@tongnk), Isaac Zu (@thelibrarian_0x), Ken Chan (@kenchangh), and other angel investors.

Voyage is the first Web3 protocol to allow guilds to leverage their game assets (NFTs) and efficiently scale their operations and capital. The GameFi industry is one of the fastest growing pockets within the Web3 space, and Voyage will be at the forefront of the ecosystem supercharging games, guilds, and players alike.

Over the next few months, Voyage will aggressively work towards its mission to lower the barriers of entry in Web3 games. Through Voyage’s offerings, guilds can obtain loans of up to 3x its treasury and better optimize their capital use — enabling them to focus expanding their operations and recruiting the best gamers to compete at the highest level.

Voyage represents a 0 to 1 primitive in GameFi and play-to-earn games. We are excited to support them in building out a permissionless way for guilds to scale via debt financing, and for capital to get exposure to earning opportunities in these games.” – Ryan Foo (@0xRyze), Game Economist at Delphi Digital

The first game to partner up with Voyage is Crabada (@PlayCrabada) — a prominent, fully decentralized play-to-earn game on Avalanche. Slated for Q3 2022 release, the maiden version of Voyage app and extension will enable Crabada guilds of all sizes to begin taking loans and power up their operations, with support for other popular games to be added subsequently.

“Increasing accessibility to the game is a key focus for Crabada and we are excited to support Voyage as our first loan infrastructure partner. With the launch of the Discipleships (sub-account) feature for Battle Game, the barriers to entry for guilds to start playing is significantly reduced. Voyage will drive further value to Discipleships by increasing capital efficiency with their solution.” - 0xTender (@oxtender), Co-Founder of Crabada

Voyage Finance reflects a core primitive within the NFT financial services industry. Via its hire purchase model, Voyage allows players of all sizes access to capital previously unavailable to them. We expect their service to significantly reduce the baseline capital expenditure cost of current Play2Earn games, expanding the addressable market for these games multi-fold.” - Wangarian (@0xWangarian), Angel Investor

Voyage strongly believes in empowering everyone and anyone who wants to start their own guild amongst their social circles, and be the platform-of-choice for users to attain the capital needed to kick start their Web3 journey. Those operating guilds or looking to set one up can hop aboard Voyage’s Discord ( to reach out! ⛵

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