GM, Degens

GM! Greetings from Tabi Team.

Tabi is a community-driven marketplace that always cherishes our loyal users. To reward the early supporters of Tabi, we initiate a rewarding plan starting on May 29th, 2023.

How does it work?

The rewarding plan comprises three types of quests: Sailor’s Quest, Invite Quest, and Reddit Quest. Complete each quest will get you different rewards. The rules are straightforward and you can complete them in less than five minutes.

The Sailor’s Quest:

This quest includes six steps:

Upon completing the tasks above, you can claim:

· A Phoenix Feather.

One Phoenix feather will be directly credited to your account without requiring any minting.

· An Iron Artifact Chest.

Iron Artifact Chest contains a mysterious artifact, the use of which will be revealed later. Iron Chest is an SBT which means you cannot list or transfer it.

The Invite Quest:

The invite quest is all about inviting your friends to join you on our voyage.

To complete this task, simply invite your friends to complete the basic tasks using your unique invite link which can be found on the invite quest page). Once your invitees have completed the sailor’s tasks, your invitations will be counted as valid.

Once you have valid invites, you will be rewarded with:

· Dragon Eggs.

Dragon Eggs will be directly credited to your account without requiring any minting. The quantity of Dragon Eggs you receive will rise in proportion to the number of valid invites you have.

· An Artifact Chest.

Each Artifact Chest contains one mysterious artifact. Participants with at least five valid invitations will be eligible to mint one Artifact Chest. Artifact Chest is an SBT which means you cannot list or transfer it.

There were five different artifact chests. The rarity of the chests will be determined by the number of valid invites you have. The rarer the artifact chest, the mightier artifact you will get.

Suppose you have fulfilled the Sailor's Quest and have five valid invitations for the Invite Quest. In that case, you can claim an Iron Chest and a Bronze Chest as rewards. And if you manage to rank among the top 500 sailors on our leaderboard, you will be eligible to claim an Iron Chest and a Gold Chest as rewards.

Reddit Quest

Tabi warmly invites the Reddit community to join us on this adventure. As one of the largest online communities in the world, Reddit is the hub for countless memes and plays a critical role in the widespread adoption of NFTs among Web2 audiences. Through the Reddit Quest, we hope more people could get a taste of digital assets and delve into the excitement of crypto games.

If you have a Reddit account, then you can earn the Reddit quest rewards by simply completing the following steps:

Once you complete these two steps, you will be rewarded with:

· Spellbook.

Spellbook will be directly credited to your account without requiring any minting. The higher your Reddit score is, the more Spellbooks you will get.

· Reddit Creed.

Reddit Creed is a mysterious creed that originated from the bones of the ancient Kraken and possesses magic that can draw precious artifacts into the grasp of its bearer. The Reddit Creed is also an SBT which means you cannot list or transfer it.

The Reddit Creed has three rarities: Legend, Mater, and Apprentice. The rarity of your Reddit Creed is determined by the Reddit score, which is calculated based on Reddit’s Karma score, age, and the number of trophies you acquired.

Wrapping up:

Tabi is a marketplace that is owned, driven, and built by our community, and we are committed to continuing to reward our community members in future phases. Please note that the treasures you collect in the current rewarding phase will have a significant impact later, so it is essential to hold onto them tightly.

Thank you for being part of our community and good luck on your adventurous journey!

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