Tabi: New age, new journey

Gm, Degens ūüćĽ

We are thrilled to announce that Tabi has raised around $10 million angel round led by Animoca Brands, with participation from Binance Labs, Draper Dragon, Hashkey Capital, Infinity Crypto Ventures, Youbi Capital, and angel investors Fengbo (Dragonfly Capital), Riyad AD (Saudi Arabia), and Suji Yan (Mask Network). The funds raised will be primarily used to build the Tabi Launchpad, game-play ecosystem, and on-chain identity protocols.

ūü•āTabi‚Äôs value proposition:

The NFT market is still in its early stages, and Web3 is also in its infancy. We can see nowadays the primary usage of NFTs has been focused on collectibles and profile pictures (PFPs) in terms of adoption. However, the versatility and unique properties of NFTs make them applicable in various use cases, including gaming, finance, art, memberships, and more. For Web3 apps to penetrate the masses, we anticipate that there will be more interest in other categories such as games and memberships. Tabi’s value proposition is to cater to the need for the mass adoption of NFT and is committed to promoting the creation, trading, and application of NFT assets.

What is Tabi Beta?

Tabi's upcoming beta release will comprise three major functions: a marketplace, a launchpad, and an on-chain identity protocol. The marketplace function will enable users to buy or sell NFTs at specific prices and times, while the launchpad function will empower creators and builders to develop and release innovative NFT experiences for their audiences. In addition to its NFT trading and launchpad functions, Tabi will offer NFT collectors and traders a unique on-chain identity protocol. This protocol will translate users' on-chain behavior into experience points that can be redeemed for future rewards and benefits. The on-chain identity protocol provides lifelong rights and incentives for NFT collectors and traders, culminating in a comprehensive and rewarding experience for the users.

At Tabi, we dedicated ourselves to revolutionizing the way people experience digital ownership. And we will stay here for the long haul. Stay tuned for our future updates.

Why BSC?

Tabi is an NFT marketplace that primarily focuses on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BSC offers premium transaction speeds, cost-efficient fees, a robust DeFi infrastructure, and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), making it an ideal environment for Web3 apps to reach Web2 users. Additionally, BSC's large and expanding user base, vibrant community, and strong ecosystem of projects make it a crucial gateway for Web2 users to transit into the realm of Web3. Shifting to a BSC-focused marketplace will benefit both Tabi and our community.

Why the name Tabi?

In May, we rebranded from ‚Äú Treasureland‚ÄĚ to Tabi, which is the Japanese word for travel. Tabi symbolizes our appreciation for Web3 degens who are always on the way to discovering the unknown and exploring the unlimited possibilities of the crypto world.

Our logo, which takes inspiration from the shape of a compass, symbolizes the bravery and ingenuity of crypto adventurers like you, who are laying the foundation of the crypto world for years to come. Just as a compass guides your way, we dedicate ourselves to being the faithful companion on your journey in Web3.

Tabi is a marketplace driven by its community, and we have been steadily building in the bear market with the support of our community. Tabi‚Äės community consists of Web3 adventurers like you. Join us on the journey, and the world is in your oyster.

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