The Turf Rhombus Scheme
March 31st, 2022

Last week we covered the reasons why Turf’s Future is (probably) not staking. This week we want to dive ever deeper into the way that Turf will power its economy and in turn bring equity to all of her beloved holders.

We racked our brains trying to figure out how we could build unique utility into our fledgling city without destroying our souls in the process. The answer we discovered was buried in an old documentary. It turns out we share a great many things with the late Walt Disney.

At the peak of his potency Walt envisioned a sprawling experimental prototype community of tomorrow (EPCOT). Within this city denizens would enjoy the lavish amenities of the day, installed and replaced by the mega corporations of the era. It was an idyllic socialist dream! (insert rainbow emoji here).

Wait wait wait wait wait… what does this have to do with Turf? The simple answer is that we share Walt’s throb for socialism. The long answer involves geometry…

Behold… the mighty rhombus!

Trust in the Plan
Trust in the Plan

Turf is a bear on a tricycle with 50ish precariously spinning plates atop a heap of sticks. See the design brief was manifold. First, we had to come up with a scheme that would respect what we had launched as the genesis plots. There were a myriad of plot types with unique traits. How do we maintain variety? Second, we desired our system be self tuning with little to no tweaking on our end - after all we are not gods… we do not wish to reign over a tiny kingdom of ants. Third, we had to make piles of sweet sweet sugar for all of our people.

The breakthrough was in discovering the proper feedback loop to connect the top of the rhomboid to the bottom… in essence we have invented the human centipede of economies.

The stack consists of three main parts:

  • The Geographers which are the critical core of our social economy
  • The Plots which are owned and run by the Geographers (our blue chips)
  • The Turf Objects that are our semi-portable financial instruments

This immaculate triptych runs on social capital generated by the Turf map & chat. These three pieces are the signal to the civilian world that Turf matters and is worth both time and money. If we all care about the heart of Turf then she shall flourish.

The last necessary component is market churn comprised of our Leonardo Dicaprios and Matthew McConaugheys - opportunists looking to make a quick buck keep the blood flowing. Profit is not evil by nature, let us not judge our financially minded frens!

What the Hell are You Talking About?

** Before we do the big reveal a quick aside! We are a small dev team and must adhere to realistic timelines. While what we show is on our roadmap we do not expect to have this feature complete for at least a month or two as we are tunneling on Turf Chat.

This is the Turfy-Shoppy, it will appear on select plots for a brief period of time… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Turfy-Shoppy
The Turfy-Shoppy

Turf’s economy will run on a healthy supply of Turf Objects (ERC1155).

An Example Turf Object
An Example Turf Object

Why do Objects matter?

  • hand crafted art by M.T.
  • semi-precious based on self-balancing economic dynamics
  • reactive to turf socials and extra-social activities
  • items for plot interior decorations (coming soon)

How are Objects distributed?

Every day a new plot category, trait, etc will be selected for popup object minting.

An example scenario: Imagine that for 24 hours every single donut shop in Turf can sell a donut object. People who wish to mint donuts will visit donut shops and open the “Turfy-Shoppy” - thus minting a donut. At the conclusion of the pop-up sale a portion of the mint will be distributed among the donut plot holders with more going to plots that had more traffic. The next day a new set of plot/trait types will be selected for another minting with a new unique hand crafted object.

Let's Get Social!
Let's Get Social!

Why Do We Think This is the Way?

  • It’s self balancing
  • It cuts out the usage of an alt-coin and distributes Eth
  • It enables us to distribute objects which will be valuable to interior holders
  • It creates a market value for Turf Plots and Turf Objects
  • It provides unique utility to every trait/plot type in Turf
  • It promotes social activity
  • It opens the door to daily relevance external to Turf
  • Wealth distribution enables collaboration with other artists
  • It paves the way for deeper layers of interaction (hint Turf Wars)
  • It’s in line with our core pillar - leverage that which already exists

In summation…

We believe that Rhomboids are gorgeous, but more importantly the way of the future. We care to latch on to this wave because it will potentially empower our community and generate wealth for all.

As usual, we appreciate you taking the time to learn more about our project and will go back to our crypt of development to deliver to you the updates that prove that we are in fact building building building!

Michael & Doug

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