Turf Currency
July 14th, 2022

Turf is Evolving

We have learned a ton in the past few months while building Turf’s foundation (chat, map, & avatars). Phase 1 was intended to prove to our collectors and the community at large that we can deliver good software in a timely manner and that regardless of market volatility we remain builders through and through.

Phase 2 is focused on turning Turf into more than a fun place to loiter and chit chat. We are building an overarching game layer that will bring instability and rivalries to our world. But before we get to the details of how that will work we must first create the Turf economy.

Economies are Cool

…wait wait no really, they’re cool because they can potentially provide a proxy point system that’s tied to participation.

With respect to other games in web3 that have built economies we plan to take a bit of a different approach. Our philosophy is less about allowing someone to stake a thing and sleep on it and more about rewarding one’s activity.

We see precious currencies as a fundamental process of signaling effort. In a similar way to how Bitcoin attempts to replicate the hardships of operating a gold mine we too want to mimic and reward the efforts that people put into Turf. Being rich in Turf will be a result of being active within the Turf world.

Ways to earn Turf Coins / Crystals

  • collect them daily from your plot
  • discover mystery boxes on the map
  • participate in the game

Turf Coins/Crystals Won’t Be ERC20s

There are things that web3 does great and other things that it doesn’t do so well.

  • Paying gas for every single transaction is no fun
  • Messing around with alt chains is no fun
  • Adding yet another worthless shitcoin to the crypto-ecosystem is no fun
  • Currency interactions in general are cumbersome and no fun

Creating an ERC20 for the sake of it being on-chain and an ERC20 isn’t a good enough reason for us. Sure it’s a signal to investors that we’re hip and with it. It’s also a way to nudge the arrow upward… but if gaming/utility in the world of NFTs is to thrive then there must be authentic reasons backing our implementations.

So instead of making an ERC20 we believe a better route is to build an off-chain currency that is convertible to on-chain rewards. When it’s time to convert our humble web2 currency into web3 tokens a gas fee will present itself.

What one was off, is now on!
What one was off, is now on!

The Turf Economy Will Be Seasonal

We think of Turf as a multiplayer board game with a beginning and an end. Though the end isn’t the end end it’s just the end of that season… a new season will be along shortly. The benefit of there being an “end” however is that we can have clear winners and losers and can thusly reward accordingly with on-chain prizes.

Another benefit of having a season is that we get to reset our economy and tweak for the next season as we learn and our community evolves. Fret not, we will provide a grace period to convert lingering coins/crystals to rewards and then wipe the whole damn thing for the next season.

Iterating and learning is our goal and we think that culture shifts at breakneck speed so scheduled resets make Turf far more durable.

In Conclusion

All in all we’re super excited for the prospect of making an economy and can think of a million and one fun ways to distribute coins to our geographers. We think economies are sexy and a necessary component to propelling Turf into the future.

Thank you for reading this far and we hope you have learned something today.

  • M.T, Doug, & Keith
Arweave TX
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